Recipes for your Thermomix

Mousse au Chocolat with a Crunch

Chocolate mousse with a crunch

Fluffy chocolate dream with a bite = Mousse au Chocolat with a Crunch – A KitKat Crunch.

Karotten-, Rübli-, oder auch Möhrenkuchen - Wundermix GmbH

Carrot, carrot or carrot cake

No matter what we call it: here comes a juicy Swiss specialty

Schmeckt herzlich süß: Bienenstich per Thermomix - Wundermix GmbH

Tastes very sweet: bee sting with Thermomix

The Bienenstich is one of the most traditional and best cakes from the typical German bakery. In the summer it is simply part of the coffee party, because the classic tastes simply unique, especial...

Kartoffelknödel mit dem Thermomix - Wundermix GmbH

Potato dumplings with the Thermomix

Good recipes have the potential to take you back to memories. A dish, or rather a side dish, that may remind you of your grandma's kitchen are the potato dumplings from the Thermomix. With the pota...

Eiersalat mit dem Thermomix zubereiten - Wundermix GmbH

Prepare egg salad with the Thermomix

Eggs are one of the most versatile ingredients in your kitchen. You need them when baking and they also hold their own in hearty cuisine. The egg salad from the Thermomix focuses on the egg. With t...

Jetzt wird's lecker: Butterplätzchen mit dem Thermomix - Wundermix GmbH

Butter cookies with the Thermomix

Butter cookies with the Thermomix - this is a delicacy that is unparalleled with tea or coffee. In this recipe, the eponymous butter ensures that the little sweet temptations almost melt in your mo...

Wohl bekomm's: Waffeln mit dem Thermomix - Wundermix GmbH

Waffles with the Thermomix

Young and old love them and hardly anyone can say no to them - waffles from the Thermomix. Once upon a time, pretty much every family had their own secret recipe for waffles, which was well guarded...

Mit dem Thermomix Stockbrot zubereiten - Wundermix GmbH

Prepare stick bread with the Thermomix

If there is a campfire in the garden or in the tent camp, there is one dish that should not be missing: the Thermomix stick bread. It is a very special form of bread that, as the name suggests, is ...

Schmackhaft und saftig: Kirschkuchen aus dem Thermomix - Wundermix GmbH

Tasty and juicy: cherry cake from the Thermomix

There's something perfect about a single cherry. It is sweet and yet surprisingly balanced thanks to the acidity present. The Thermomix cherry cake takes advantage of this balance and presents itse...

Weiches, warmes Fladenbrot aus dem Thermomix - Wundermix GmbH

Soft, warm flatbread from the Thermomix

Thermomix flatbread is an indispensable classic of Turkish and Levantine cuisine. Preparing the delicious bread only requires a few ingredients and you'll definitely get the hang of it after the fi...

Geschmacksintensiv: Basilikumpesto aus dem Thermomix - Wundermix GmbH

Intense in taste: basil pesto from the Thermomix

Pesto, in its most famous version, with fresh basil, is one of the greatest classics of Italian cuisine. In just a few minutes you can prepare your own Thermomix basil pesto, which tastes delicious...

Avocado Toast mit Pochiertem Ei

Avocado toast with poached egg

Avocado toast with poached egg. This has been around since we perfected the poached egg technique. Of course with the Thermomix!!