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Easyslider® | Acrylic sliding board for Monsieur CuisineEasySlider® | Gleitbrett aus Acrylglas für Monsieur Cuisine - Wundermix GmbH

Our EasySlider® - your practical sliding board for Monsieur Cuisine

You probably know this: The Monsieur Cuisine, be it the Smart, Trend or Connect, is a true kitchen genius, but not a lightweight either. The combination of its robustness and its diverse functions can sometimes make handling it a bit challenging in everyday life. But don't worry, we have the perfect solution for you - the EasySlider.
Our innovative gliding board is specially designed to make your life in the kitchen easier while protecting your Monsieur Cuisine.

The - flexibility and protection in one

The EasySlider is a sophisticated sliding board on which you can place your Monsieur Cuisine. This smart accessory not only allows you to move your food processor effortlessly, but also offers protection for sensitive scales or surfaces. Don't worry, you can do your Monsieur Cuisine
Use the EasySlider to be just as versatile as before.

Suitable for Monsieur Cuisine Smart, Connect and Trend

The EasySlider is available in different versions to perfectly match your Monsieur Cuisine
model to fit.

Sophisticated design for maximum flexibility

Unlike conventional roller boards, the EasySlider is equipped with high-quality gliding soles that glide silently and gently over your surface. The four rubber stoppers ensure a secure stand, even when your Monsieur Cuisine is working at the highest mixing level.

Efficient cooking made easy

The Monsieur Cuisine stands for effortless and quick cooking. With the EasySlider you can increase this comfort even further. Glide your Monsieur Cuisine easily across the work surface and concentrate fully on preparing your meal. The gliding board is very easy to clean - a damp cloth is enough to keep it in top shape.

Get your EasySlider today!

Would you like to make cooking with your Monsieur Cuisine even more pleasant? Then order your EasySlider now and experience a new dimension of kitchen work. Please also take a look at our other product range. If you have any questions, the Wundermix team is available to help you at any time.
Prepare for carefree cooking adventures - with the EasySlider from Wundermix!
Your Wundermix team