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Discover our practical accessories for Monsieur Cuisine:

Making everyday life easier for your kitchen! Hello Monsieur Cuisine lovers! You already know the versatile capabilities of your Monsieur Cuisine, be it the Smart, Trend or Connect model. But have you thought about how you could make your cooking routine even more enjoyable? Here we present you our innovative accessories, which are specifically aimed at making your everyday life with Monsieur Cuisine even more comfortable.

Miximizer mixing bowl reduction: Perfectly portioned meals for every model

Sometimes smaller portions are just what you need. With our Miximizer mixing bowl reducer you can easily prepare smaller meals without sacrificing quality. Enjoy individual dishes that exactly meet your needs.

SteamCover steam and odor filter: Fresh kitchen without unwanted odors for all models

Fresh cooking can impart wonderful flavors, but sometimes you want to avoid unwanted smells. Our SteamCover steam and odor filter allows you to prepare steaming dishes without worrying about unwanted smells. Keep your kitchen comfortable and inviting while you prepare delicious food, regardless of whether you have the Smart, Trend or Connect model.

Quality and comfort: Our mission for you and your Monsieur Cuisine models

Our accessories have been developed with the greatest care to make your everyday cooking easier without losing sight of quality. Each product is characterized by practical use and durability, so that you can enjoy it for a long time, regardless of whether you use the Smart, Trend or Connect model.

Making everyday life easier for kitchen professionals and hobby chefs on all models

Whether you're an experienced professional chef or a passionate home cook, our accessories add an extra dose of convenience to your cooking experience. You save time, reduce effort and discover new ways to prepare your favorite dishes.

Easy to use, instant improvement for any model

Using our accessory products is child's play. You'll immediately notice how these little additions will improve your cooking routine and allow you to express your creativity even more, regardless of whether you own the Smart, Trend or Connect model. Discover our practical accessories for Monsieur Cuisine, be it the Smart, Trend or Connect model, and experience how they brighten up your everyday life in the kitchen. With the Miximizer mixing bowl reduction and the SteamCover steam and odor filter, your Monsieur Cuisine experience will be even more pleasant, no matter which model you own. Your everyday life will be smoother and your culinary adventures will be unforgettable!