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WunderClean Reiniger | Ökologisches Reinigungsmittel in der Tube | 150g - Wundermix GmbHWunderClean Reiniger | Ökologisches Reinigungsmittel in der Tube | 150g - Wundermix GmbH
KitchenSlider® M | Alpine White | Gleitbrett für KitchenAid - Wundermix GmbHKitchenSlider® M | Alpine White | Gleitbrett für KitchenAid - Wundermix GmbH
EasySlider® | Gleitbrett aus Acrylglas für KitchenAid - Wundermix GmbHEasySlider® | Gleitbrett aus Acrylglas für KitchenAid - Wundermix GmbH
Rührschüssel-Abdeckhaube für KitchenAid - Wundermix GmbHRührschüssel-Abdeckhaube für KitchenAid - Wundermix GmbH

A good food processor is rated based on its functions and ease of use. You value your food processor because you can use it to mix, cook, puree, sous vide and much more. A device is also of high quality if there are practical accessories for the machine. KitchenAid accessories ensure that you can use your food processor even more flexibly and therefore more often. Regardless of whether you have the Classic or the Artisan, with a glider you can position your KitchenAid stand mixer exactly where you need it at the moment. With the right KitchenAid accessories, you can make better use of the available space. You develop better and have more space to try new and exciting recipes.

KitchenAid — magical but bulky

The KitchenAid Classic follows the long tradition of high-quality American-made kitchen appliances. The all-rounder with versatile KitchenAid accessories is popular, even though the device is anything but a mini food processor. What speaks in favor of the KitchenAid models is the easy-to-clean, grateful surface, which can also be found on other machines from the manufacturer.
The size and weight of the Classic and Artisan food processors can sometimes be a problem. With the appropriate KitchenAid Classic accessories, such as a KitchenAid gliding board or other KitchenAid accessories, you can usually get the problem under control quickly.

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KitchenAid gliding boards for flexible use in the kitchen!
A KitchenAid gliding board is the perfect addition to your favorite appliance. In terms of workmanship and design, the KitchenAid accessories are in no way inferior to the food processor. With a glider, your KitchenAid food processor is not only more stable, but you also have the option of moving it with just one movement. A KitchenAid gliding board goes perfectly with the included accessories of the KitchenAid Classic and the accessories of the KitchenAid Artisan. This turns a stationary and heavy device into a versatile all-rounder because you simply push it to where the next work needs to be done according to the recipe.

KitchenAid Artisan accessories + KitchenAid Classic accessories

We cover both devices
If you are the proud owner of a KitchenAid food processor, you may be wondering whether the KitchenAid accessories fit your model. When you visit the Wundermix online shop, you will see that there are both KitchenAid Classic accessories and KitchenAid Artisan accessories. The KitchenAid gliding board you choose fits your model perfectly and therefore guarantees safe and easy handling. Because these KitchenAid accessories are tailored precisely to the model of your food processor, you can rely on your innovative sliding board not to let you down with every new recipe. The KitchenAid gliding board is also an invitation for you if you are still considering whether the Classic or the Artisan could be the right kitchen appliances for you due to their high weight and bulkiness. With these KitchenAid accessories, the slightly higher weight is hardly noticeable.

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The Classic and Artisan from KitchenAid are food processors that appeal to both beginners and ambitious home cooks. If you would like to venture into previously unknown culinary realms with your device, the large range from Wundermix is ​​the perfect tool for you. Practical KitchenAid accessories of the best quality significantly expand your options. The KitchenAid gliding board, which is adapted to your mixer in shape, color and other properties, is practical for preparing pasta or crispy fresh vegetables even faster. This means you can cook even more conveniently in the future and focus entirely on good taste and new, interesting cooking ideas thanks to your KitchenAid accessories.