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Dieting isn't always fun. The change in diet has too much of an impact on everyday life and the diet cannot always be combined with work or training. The Thermomix® puts an end to such diets. With its step-by-step instructions, the all-rounder from Vorwerk shows that healthy recipes can be fun. Losing weight with the Thermomix® combines enjoyment with sustainable nutrition and you will be able to see the results for yourself very soon.

Is the Thermomix® healthy? Wundermix explains things!

The Thermomix® is the comprehensive solution for all kinds of recipes. It handles a variety of tasks and work steps, ensuring a clean kitchen and relaxed cooking. However, the compression of the work processes with the food processor does not mean that the finished dishes are not as healthy as with completely manual preparation. Thermomix® diet recipes are generally even healthier because you can use fresh, regional and seasonal ingredients in every step of the process.

Lose weight without losing your joy of life with the Thermomix® diet

Why is the Thermomix® diet so successful and why can losing weight with the Thermomix® be fun? All Thermomix® diet recipes are based on the experience of many thousands of enthusiastic users who have already had success with this tasty diet before you. The light kitchen and the Thermomix® can be perfectly combined due to the versatility of the kitchen appliance. Little oil and still full despite the reduced calories - with the Thermomix® this is possible in a healthy and still tasty way.

Whether vegan or vegetarian – the Thermomix® can do it all!

A diet doesn't always consist entirely of cutting out calories. Especially in times of climate change, you may be rethinking your meat consumption and looking for vegetarian or even vegan alternatives. With the Thermomix® diet, meatless cooking is easier than ever. In the Thermomix® database, which includes more than 42,000 different recipes, you can immediately see whether a dish is vegetarian, vegan or gluten-free. Especially as a beginner, it will be much easier for you to start losing weight with the Thermomix®. If you find a suitable meat-free recipe, the Varoma attachment will help you cook delicious and healthy meals. You can prepare vegetables gently and deliciously without additional oil.

Light cuisine with the right Thermomix® diet recipes

Admittedly, switching to a new diet is not always easy. If you are still looking for the right inspiration, you may find it at Wundermix. Light cuisine doesn't have to mean sacrifice. Exciting recipes will give you a completely new insight into the cuisines of different countries and help you learn the secrets of losing weight with the Thermomix® more quickly.

Sandwich baguettes à la Subway

The Thermomix® diet does not necessarily have to mean permanent abstinence. You can also lose weight with the Thermomix® by simply preparing your favorite snacks yourself. With the same good taste but with healthier ingredients. Inspired by your favorite fast food chain, this sandwich is sure to make your mouth water.

Post-workout dish

The Thermomix® helps you eat a healthy and balanced diet. Even in light cuisine, it is important that you get important proteins after your workout. In the database you will find out which recipes are perfect and how you can prepare them quickly and easily before your training.

Avocado toast with poached egg

Healthy fat contributes significantly to muscle function and even improves memory. No other fruit contains as much of it as the avocado. This dish is prepared quickly and when losing weight with the Thermomix®, the device from Vorwerk supports you in poaching the egg by keeping the desired temperature stable to perfection.

Fluffy spelled crust

When losing weight with the Thermomix®, it is important that your diet is balanced. This means that you supply your body with all micro and macro nutrients. The fluffy spelled crust is a delicious, light bread that will be the highlight of your breakfast. Thermomix® diet recipes are healthy, full of flavor and have little in common with the image of a classic diet.

Losing weight starts with the Thermomix® but doesn't end there - because healthier eating is only part of the whole

Losing weight doesn't just mean changing your diet, it really requires a new attitude to life. More exercise, more consistency in everyday life and paying more attention to yourself - these are just a few of the factors that determine the success of your Thermomix® diet.

Exercise is an important keyword that not only points to the importance of exercise, but also that you should be flexible in the kitchen. The best way to do this is with the Thermomix® gliding boards from Wundermix. With these it is easy to transport the device to the place where you want to prepare a delicious smoothie according to the recipes from the Thermomix® diet.

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