The Thermomix® — yes or no?

Der Thermomix® — ja oder nein? - Wundermix GmbH

Have you been wondering for a long time whether the Thermomix® is the right device for you? Wundermix gets to the bottom of the question for you.

Which Thermomix® models are available?

The current Thermomix® models include the TM5 and TM6. These are characterized by a significantly expanded range of functions compared to their predecessors. What is particularly noticeable is the better and seamless connection to the Internet. It was also possible to increase the maximum volume of the cooking container. What's new with the Thermomix® TM6 is that it can now even fry meat.

How much does a Thermomix® cost?

The Thermomix® is not a bargain. Its price is of course subject to fluctuations, so you can definitely save if you wait for the right moment. The Thermomix® has the advantages of being optimized for longevity and robustness. That means it is an investment in the future for you. This means you have a reliable cooking partner for years or even decades. When you create your first recipe with the device, you realize the Thermomix® advantages and the fact that this practical helper is much more than just another thing in the kitchen.

When is the Thermomix® worthwhile for you?

This popular device is worth it if you want to eat healthily and value fresh ingredients, but you don't always have the time or enthusiasm to spend long hours in the kitchen. The Thermomix® is also ideal for you if you want to try out the cuisines of other countries and are generally interested in new things. If you are planning to purchase new kitchen appliances but don't have the necessary storage space, the all-rounder combines all the functions you are missing in a single device.

Why buy a Thermomix®? The Thermomix advantages at a glance

The Thermomix® combines a variety of innovative and practical functions that simplify your everyday life in the kitchen. The classic from Vorwerk cuts vegetables, cooks for you, kneads dough, maintains the perfect temperature during fermentation, fries meat perfectly, purees, weighs and even steams with the Varoma attachment. Special cooking techniques such as sous vide cooking are even possible. These are just a few of the many features of this device. The few Thermomix® disadvantages are the weight and the purchase price, but you can quickly overlook these once you have made the innovative device the center of your kitchen. No matter whether you want to bake your own bread or fancy a soup with fresh ingredients in the evening - the Thermomix® TM5 and TM6 will do it for you in no time.

Do you absolutely need a Thermomix® in your household? The reasons against it

Are you thinking about why a Thermomix® enriches your kitchen and whether the expensive device is worth purchasing? Go into detail when considering the food processor. How often do you want to cook sous vide and how much do you enjoy cooking yourself, with all the preparation and of course the washing up? The Thermomix® from Vorwerk is primarily a device that simplifies and facilitates processes and its functions help you improve your culinary level. If you only need the food processor for one function, the Thermomix® has the disadvantages of being too expensive and also too bulky. The few Thermomix® disadvantages are insignificant compared to the many advantages if you use the device every day to quickly and easily prepare delicious and healthy meals.

The competition of the Thermomix®: Yes or no to the alternative devices?

Many other devices have been trying to imitate the functions of the Thermomix® TM6 or its predecessors for years. Sometimes this works better, sometimes worse. So why buy the Thermomix® when there is a cheaper alternative? Well, any appliance can cook and the dishes you prepare are definitely delicious too. How expensive an appliance is ultimately does not determine how good the food you prepare with it is. However, there are differences in the ease of preparation or, for example, when you go looking for a recipe. This is where the Thermomix® shows its advantages as one of the best kitchen machines. The Thermomix® alternatives include, for example, the Monsieur Cuisine Connect or various devices from Bosch, Kenwood or Kitchen Aid. Many of them are a support if you pay attention to a healthy diet, but the Thermomix® has the advantages that over many years an eager crowd of fans have gathered around the Vorwerk food processor, who use their knowledge to contribute to constant improvement and innovation Techniques like the Cook Key, which are fully developed and work perfectly.

An additional reason to buy the Thermomix®: the top accessories from Wundermix!

Once you have decided on the Thermomix® as a top-class kitchen appliance, you will soon realize that the high price is worth it. Why the Thermomix® is so expensive is almost self-explanatory when cooking. The food processor is designed to last. From now on, delicious food is on the agenda in your kitchen. Some functions of the all-rounder from Vorwerk are groundbreaking. But that's not the end of cooking - if you ask yourself the question: Thermomix - yes or no, remember that Wundermix has many innovative things that significantly expand the already impressive functions of the Vorwerk kitchen appliance. We're not just talking about books in which you can find your latest favorite recipe, but also about sliding boards, particularly flexible spatulas and many other accessories that pave the way to the perfect meal even further.

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