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Kenwood or Thermomix® - this is a common question you might ask yourself when you are looking for a multifunctional appliance with cooking function.

The classic Thermomix® is traditionally the model with the greatest range of functions for cooking, sous-vide cooking, steaming, weighing, chopping and also grinding. The Vorwerk machine is not cheap, but many Thermomix® clones have now reached the price range of the Thermomix® TM5 or Thermomix® TM6.

An exciting duel is looming between the original and the Thermomix® alternative Kenwood. The English-made food processor is not significantly cheaper and Stiftung Warentest also rates the Kenwood Cooking Chef above average. The fact is that the Thermomix® competition, such as the Cooking Chef, is penetrating more and more into the territory of the original food processor. The test between Thermomix® vs Kenwood from Wundermix shows you whether the gourmet device with impressive accessories is actually an alternative to the classic.

Thermomix® or Kenwood: The kitchen appliances put to the test

If you take a closer look at the differences between Kenwood vs Thermomix® , you will immediately notice that the German manufacturer Vorwerk has been on the market with the Thermomix® for a long time. The original has been continuously developed over decades and has managed to maintain its longevity and quality, which can be rated as very high. The integrated scales, the cooking function and the diverse functions of the all-rounder have created real storms of enthusiasm for the device since its market launch. A trademark of Vorwerk is that the new model always offers you the most innovative technologies. Examples of this include the high-resolution touch display or guided cooking, which offers access to more than 40,000 recipes thanks to the internet connection. The Thermomix® competition has so far reacted to the concentrated functions of the original food processor with slimmed-down versions that are of lesser quality and are therefore offered on the market at a much lower price. The comparison of Kenwood vs Thermomix® shows that the competition has now taken a different path and offers you kitchen machines with a similar or even extended range of functions compared to the original Thermomix®.

Thermomix® versus Kenwood: This is what the Thermomix® brings into the ring

The Thermomix®-Kenwood comparison shows that Vorwerk has always managed to improve the food processor's core competencies. This means, for example, that the TM5 or TM6 have a larger cooking space than their predecessors or that the connection to the home network via the app is even more stable than before. Compared to the Thermomix® competition, Vorwerk uses its own experience not only for innovative technologies, but also for very practical things. The latest models have a design that makes cleaning much easier. A special feature of the food processor, which should not be underestimated in addition to the prep and cook functions, is the strength of the community, which has grown to include many thousands of active users. If you decide between Thermomix® and Kenwood, the many years of experience of numerous users are a real bonus.

The Thermomix® alternative Kenwood in check

Thermomix® vs Kenwood shows that the English-made device has copied all of the functions of the original. Various tests even confirm that the competitor has an expanded range of functions. This is particularly clear thanks to the construction. The preparation of dough is made much easier. The strengths of Kenwood devices lie in their accessories. In contrast to the Thermomix®, this is also needed in most cases, for example to enable a function such as chopping vegetables. If you don't have a problem with that, Kenwood's product portfolio proves to be on a par with Vorwerk's. The alternatives from Kenwood are also well made and designed for daily use. A final conclusion about the comparison between Kenwood and Thermomix® can only be drawn after a long-term test. How is the device evolving and how is it received by customers? The duel will remain exciting in the future.

The direct Thermomix®-Kenwood comparison - what makes the individual devices strong

Thermomix® vs Kenwood - this is actually a duel that is fought at eye level. Both machines integrate a wide variety of functions in a small space. With Kenwood's universal kitchen machines, such as the Cooking Chef Gourmet, the completely different approach to construction is noticeable. Kenwood or Thermomix® is therefore also a question whose decision depends on the type of cooking you do. If you are a passionate baker, the latter may be the winner when comparing Thermomix® and Kenwood, as this manufacturer's devices impress with many different dough hooks and interchangeable accessories. This exceeds that of other competitors, such as Bosch, and even that of the Thermomix®. A price-performance winner cannot be determined between the two devices. Both devices have a hefty price tag, but they also offer a surprising amount.

Whether Thermomix® competition or the original: the final decision is made by the user in the kitchen

Ultimately, when comparing Thermomix® and Kenwood, you decide on the machine that suits you best. Kenwood has succeeded very well in imitating the diverse functions of the original. Even the sales network, including demonstrations at home or online, is a copy of Vorwerk's concept. A significant advantage when comparing Thermomix® or Kenwood is the long product history of the ancestor as a multifunctional kitchen appliance. A lot of practical knowledge has been accumulated, which you can use to take your culinary skills to a new level. In addition, Wundermix offers you practical accessories for the Thermomix® that make the device even more versatile.

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