Medion and Thermomix®: kitchen battle par excellence

Medion und Thermomix®: Küchenschlacht par excellence - Wundermix GmbH

If you want to try out new recipes in the kitchen and create little culinary miracles, the Thermomix® is a reliable and practical helper. No matter whether you want to prepare soups with seasonal vegetables, delicious curries or even your own butter, the Thermomix® supports you with its versatile programs and functions and guarantees that even complex recipes turn out right the first time.

There are always all-round kitchen appliances in discounters that want to move into the domain of the Thermomix®. But cheap and Thermomix®, are these terms that actually work together? The latest exchange of blows is between Thermomix vs Medion. Both Thermomix and Medion rely on a variety of practical programs, a cooking attachment and easy operation. But can a cheap Thermomix® hold a candle to the original? Wundermix takes a closer look at Thermomix and Medion with its discount food processor for you and compares cheap with Thermomix, which is known for its impressive price.

Medion and Thermomix®: kitchen battle par excellence

The Thermomix® is now a real classic in German kitchens. Maybe you own one yourself and have upgraded to a newer generation over the years? The Thermomix® was successful within a short time, after all, its introduction came at a time when there was a return to high-quality and fresh ingredients, but amateur chefs still wanted to work effectively and cleanly in the kitchen. Thermomix vs Medion, such a duel was only possible thanks to the great success of the original. Little by little, more and more affordable versions of the practical food processor came onto the market in an attempt to keep up with the established classic. Medion versus Thermomix® is an interesting comparison, as the discounter's brand is also an already established company that has made a good name for itself in recent years, especially with powerful laptops at an astonishingly low price.

What to expect with Thermomix®

When it comes to the Thermomix vs Medion duel, it is of course important that you know exactly the individual functions and special features of the devices. It starts with the classic - the Thermomix. Over the years you have noticed that programs, the layout and also the design of the original have changed. However, all adjustments were made with great care so as not to lose any of the iconic unique selling points of the iconic all-round food processor:

  • Cooking, steaming, kneading, chopping and beating
  • Sautéing, deep-frying, turning counterclockwise, stirring and even slicing
  • Brings water to a boil quickly
  • Quiet in all operating modes
  • Connection to the home internet possible to access pre-programmed recipes
  • Integrated scale, thermometer and timer
  • Innovative security features and alerts
  • Simple and intuitive operation thanks to the colored touch display

The Medion kitchen appliance: More than just a cheap Thermomix®?

Medion and Thermomix, can this even take place on an equal footing? This is mainly determined by the features of the cheaper variant. The difference between Thermomix and Medion becomes clear right from the start: you cannot integrate the cheap device from the discounter into your smart home. There are many other differences between Thermomix and Medion, which mainly show up in the preparation of dishes. Thermomix and Medion cook, cook, chop and knead dough, the expensive original does this much faster and more effectively and is also quieter. Savings are not only made on the services, the included recipes and the functions, but the operation is also a little more complicated. At the beginning you have to overcome a small learning curve if you use Medion instead of Thermomix®.

The exchange of blows - where both Medion and Thermomix® can score points

Both devices, Medion and Thermomix®, are great helpers in the kitchen and, once you get used to them, offer you significantly more convenience when preparing food. If you attach great importance to repeatable results in the best quality, the Thermomix® supports you with its many advanced functions and higher precision. Thermomix and Medion, for example, achieve similar results with soups, but with the original you are faster and feel less bothered by the noise of the engine. Thermomix vs Medion - both are innovative helpers in the kitchen, but only the original from Vorwerk has what it takes to become the center of your kitchen and your creative passion for cooking.

Ultimately, the choice is still yours

As you have now learned, both devices support you when cooking, baking, chopping and preparing. Make your decision for one of the two devices dependent on your current and future creative plans in the kitchen. If you need a kitchen appliance that supports you irregularly with its variety of functions, the cheap Thermomix may be the right solution for you. However, if you want to expand your culinary options and rely on a comprehensive solution, there is only one satisfactory solution between Medion and Thermomix®: the innovative original. The long history of the product alone guarantees the best service, longevity and safety in all areas. If you have made your decision with Medion and Thermomix and are now the soon-to-be owner of a Thermomix®, at Wundermix you will find the necessary utensils and aids that you need to take your cooking skills to a significantly higher level. These include the practical Thermomix® sliding boards and many other utensils that will help you with baking, cooking and cooking. This means you can really succeed in all your new recipes the first time and you will enjoy the ingenious innovations of your kitchen appliance even more.

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