Post Work-Out Court

Salmon fillet with sweet potatoes

Post Work-Out Gericht

Are you looking for a quick and good recipe after your workout?

Why should you pay attention to a protein-rich meal after training?

Protein is part of a complete meal plan. By consuming proteins, muscle cell damage is repaired, muscles are built, and enzymes and hormones are controlled. At the same time, the body is prevented from using muscle tissue as an energy source. If you have had an intensive workout or have trained at a high intensity, it is recommended to have a post-workout snack immediately after training. Our to-go snack after training is super easy and quick to cook with the Thermomix:

Ingredients (For 1 person):

  • A salmon fillet
  • 2 organic eggs
  • 2-3 sweet potatoes
  • 400g spinach


  • Pour 750g water into the mixing bowl.

  • Season the salmon with salt, pepper and lemon juice, place it in the Varoma tray and top each with a sprig of dill.

  • Wash the sweet potatoes well and place the salmon and sweet potatoes in the Varoma attachment.

  • Steam the potatoes for 40 minutes/Varoma/level 1, remove the salmon after about 14 minutes -> depending on the thickness of the sweet potato, it may be ready beforehand or need a little longer - just test in between whether it is already soft and if necessary .adjust the time.

  • After the sweet potatoes are ready, weigh 400 g of spinach into the Varoma container, close the Varoma and cook for 12 mins/Varoma/speed 1.

  • Squeeze out spinach.

  • Finally, add water to the mixing bowl, attach the cooking basket and place the two eggs in the cooking basket. The cooking time depends on how you want your eggs. 10 minutes very soft egg (yolk liquid, white slimy); 11 minutes soft egg (yolk liquid, white firm); 12 minutes semi-soft egg (yolk soft); 13 minutes hard egg; 14 minute hard boiled egg.

  • Cook time according to the desired result/Varoma/level 1.

  • Immediately remove the cooking insert with the spatula and rinse the eggs with cold water to interrupt the cooking process. Serve boiled eggs warm or cold, or use as desired.

The perfect post-workout dish is ready, which supplies the body with all the important nutrients and, above all, lots of proteins.

Your Wundermix team wishes you bon appetite!

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