The Thermomix® functions

Die Thermomix®-Funktionen - Wundermix GmbH

The Thermomix® functions

Hardly any other device has achieved as much fame in home kitchens as the Thermomix® and there is hardly a recipe that cannot be realized with the all-rounder from Vorwerk. If you take a look at the Thermomix® and its technical data, one thing in particular is immediately noticeable: the Thermomix® functions have been constantly improved over the course of the long and successful product history. While the scales have been retained in the latest models, such as the Thermomix® TM6, the design of the display, for example, has changed completely. Today it supports the Thermomix® functions, for example when retrieving recipes from the Internet. This is made possible by the integrated WLAN interface. Wundermix takes a close look at the device's diverse functions and shows what else it can do besides slow cooking.

The kitchen all-rounder Thermomix® – what can it do?

The Thermomix® and its features are known for their versatility. In no other device do the functions intertwine as seamlessly as with the Thermomix®. With its accessories, the Thermomix® TM6, for example, is the perfect solution for baking, cooking, mixing, but also steaming, weighing, chopping and even sous-vide cooking. The Vorwerk device does a lot of things automatically. With its functions, the Thermomix® is not only a practical helper, but also a true source of inspiration that takes your cooking level and your love of baking to a new level.

Thermomix® & technical data: numbers, data, facts!

The Thermomix® and its technical data provide information about how innovative and, above all, powerful the device is. With a weight of 7.95 kilograms, the device is by no means lightweight, but it offers 2.2 liters of cooking space in the mixing bowl and even 3.3 liters in the Varoma. Thanks to the large database, users can access more than 42,000 recipes online. What's special about the database is that, thanks to the colorful display, you can see at a glance whether a recipe is vegetarian, vegan or even gluten-free. The new Thermomix® features allow the temperature to be set precisely to one degree between 37 - 160 degrees Celsius. The display of the latest model, the TM6, is an impressive 6.8 inches. This means information can be accessed even faster. Another special feature is that the tones of the Thermomix® can be personalized. For example, a guitar plays when a dish is ready.

The most important functions of the Thermomix® at a glance

Certain Thermomix® features are just as revolutionary today as they were when the product line was introduced many years ago. Wundermix presents the functions of the Thermomix® that once made the device famous and are still indispensable in every modern and creative kitchen today.

The integrated scale

For certain recipes, precision is particularly important. In terms of its functions, the Thermomix® is not only equipped with a powerful motor, but also with a scale. For example, dough can be prepared directly in the device. The integrated scale is equipped with a tare function and weighs precisely to the gram. This means you can even weigh spices perfectly.

Internet connection with automatic software updates

The Thermomix® TM5 or Thermomix® TM6 support the search for recipes and execute them automatically as soon as the user has decided on the recipe of their choice. If you have little time or don't have the time to search for suitable recipes, the Thermomix® functions will help you. The all-rounder from Vorwerk can be easily controlled with an app and can even be integrated into your own smart home without any problems. Automatic software updates ensure that the device is always up to date.

Chopping - from vegetables to coffee

Of course, the Thermomix® features also include mixing. With its powerful motor, the Thermomix® TM5 chops vegetables in just a few seconds. The combination of the mixing and cooking functions is particularly practical. For example, when preparing soups, it ensures that nothing burns through constant gentle stirring. A special feature of the Thermomix® functions is grinding coffee and scraping grain. This is how you can easily make your own healthy flour.

Steaming - gentle preparation

Using the Varoma attachment, the Thermomix® steams vegetables and other foods particularly gently and gently. Anyone who values ​​low-calorie and low-fat recipes will particularly appreciate these Thermomix® functions.

Caramelize and fry

The TM6 is the first Thermomix® in the long history of the product line to be able to sear meat and even caramelize sugar. This significantly expands the range of applications for the device and even more recipes can be implemented completely in the Thermomix®.

Sous vide cooking

Sous vide cooking is particularly popular with chefs who want to preserve the full flavor and juiciness of a product. Thanks to the Thermomix® functions, the temperature remains constantly low so that the selected ingredients are cooked evenly.


A constant temperature is particularly important with this Thermomix® feature. Vegetables and even yogurt can be easily prepared thanks to the Thermomix® functions. The required lactic acid bacteria are ideally supported in their work.

Easily expand the Thermomix® to include functions and options with Wundermix

In many areas, the Thermomix® and its functions are almost perfect. But regular users in particular will notice that one or two modes can be improved or that handling food is made easier with the right accessories. Wundermix significantly complements the new functions of the Thermomix® with its tried and tested and durable items. For example, the sliding boards help ensure that the functions of the Thermomix® can be enjoyed in various places in the kitchen. But Wundermix products are not only practical helpers when it comes to mobility, they also support the Thermomix® and its functions when steaming, baking and cooking. The guided cooking function can be used much better and even cleaning is much easier and quicker. The Vorwerk kitchen machine, the Thermomix®, has significantly expanded its functions with the experience and innovation of the Wundermix products.

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