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The Thermomix® is the most modern and versatile kitchen appliance that looks back on a long history of innovations and improvements. Almost every recipe can be made in no time, the cooking time is shortened and healthy eating no longer means a disproportionate amount of time. The kitchen all-rounder is so perfect that you might think there is nothing left to improve. Wundermix still managed it. With practical accessories you can make even better use of the many functions of the Thermomix® and are guaranteed to have even more fun in the kitchen at home.

The Thermomix® — multifunctional but bulky

There is hardly any other multifunctional kitchen appliance that can do as much as the Thermomix® from Vorwerk. Of course, such a wide range of possible applications and functions also come at a price. The powerful motor and the robust workmanship contribute to the fact that the Thermomix® is not exactly light. The weight and difficult maneuverability are not a disadvantage with the all-rounder, but if you want to make the best possible use of your kitchen, you need space and variability. This comes into play when baking or cooking with the sliding boards from Wundermix . With a single movement it is possible to easily move the Thermomix® on the work surface. This leaves you enough space to prepare other food. The sliding boards are an offer from Wundermix that are designed for you if you like to try out new things from your cookbook or often cook for many guests at the same time.

What a Thermomix® underlay is good for

You are currently preparing a soup that is slowly cooking in your Thermomix® and you would like to start preparing another dish right now. Unfortunately, the Thermomix® is in your way. With its weight, the hot soup and the running motor, it's not necessarily easy to move the multifunctional kitchen appliance. If you use an appropriate support from Wundermix, it is easy to move the Thermomix®, even when the engine is running. You can choose between ecological boards made of wood or innovative solid surface materials. If you want something a little more discreet, simply use the WunderSlider , which is discreetly attached to the back of the kitchen appliance.

Wundermix - your contact point for the Thermomix®

Wundermix not only makes handling the Thermomix® much easier with the practical sliding boards. Innovative accessories from the online shop help you succeed in all your new kitchen experiments easily and simply. Take a look around the store and discover Thermomix® accessories that have been designed with great attention to detail and great experience. If you want to use your Thermomix® to its full extent, you will be amazed at how, thanks to the accessories from Wundermix, even the most difficult recipe is guaranteed to succeed the next time you cook. You can expand the Vorwerk food processor exactly according to your ideas in just a few steps. Even small accessories help to enlarge the work surface and thus make the kitchen more comfortable.

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