The Thermomix® and the dishwasher

Der Thermomix® und die Spülmaschine - Wundermix GmbH

The practical all-round kitchen appliance from Vorwerk, the Thermomix®, is without a doubt a great helper in the kitchen. There is hardly anything that the Thermomix® TM6 or TM5, for example, cannot do easily and efficiently. Since the device combines many functions with its sharp knife, a powerful motor and even connection to the Internet, washing up after cooking is usually easier and quicker. Often all you need to do is clean the mixing bowl and the kitchen is as clean as before. But what is the best approach when cleaning the knife and mixing bowl? Wundermix got to the bottom of the matter in more detail.

Putting the Thermomix in the dishwasher – is that even possible?

According to the best tips for cleaning the innovative kitchen appliance, all you need is hot water and perhaps a few drops of detergent to remove even larger dirt and food residue from the TM5. Cleaning the Thermomix® in the dishwasher is even easier. Over the years, the Vorwerk device has not only improved its functions for cooking or sous-vide cooking, but the modern design also makes cleaning much easier. Nothing sticks to the surfaces, so a damp cloth to clean the body and clear warm water for the mixtop are sufficient. For heavier dirt, put the TM6 or TM5 in the dishwasher. Even the most stubborn residues can be easily removed.

What can go in the dishwasher with the Thermomix®?

You would like to clean the mixing bowl and the blades of your Thermomix® in the dishwasher and are now wondering which elements of the Vorwerk device you can easily clean in this way? The answer to your question is simple, because you can clean all accessories and all removable parts of the Thermomix® in the dishwasher. Every element of the device is optimized for durability and robustness. This means that cleaning and dishwashing liquids cannot harm your Thermomix® and all accessories, even when used daily. The easy cleaning of the TM5 and TM6 means you have even more time to look for new recipe ideas or simply indulge in the perfect indulgence.

How do you put the Thermomix® in the dishwasher?

In order to guarantee the best possible cleaning of your Thermomix® in the dishwasher, Wundermix recommends that you remove all removable parts from the kitchen appliance. Make sure there is enough space for all accessories in your dishwasher. Check that one part is not covering the other and you can be sure that your Thermomix® is immediately ready for use again to the usual extent after the rinsing process. Cleaning the food processor in the dishwasher is literally child's play. Simply put the lid, the pot and the spatula of your Thermomix® in the dishwasher and the washing up after dinner will be done within a few minutes.

Also dishwasher and Thermomix® compatible: the accessories from Wundermix!

Smoothie trio.

The Thermomix® TM5 or the newer version, the TM6, are kitchen machines with the included accessories that can be used to create almost any recipe. In fact, with the innovative accessories from Wundermix, it is possible to make the sophisticated devices a whole lot better. The great thing about your Wundermix accessories is that they are manufactured to the high standards of Thermomix®. In addition to the Thermomix®, you can also simply clean this in the dishwasher.

Wundermix even has items for you that offer additional help with cleaning the food processor, such as: E.g.:

  • WunderWash®, the practical dishwasher blanket holder for the mixing bowl lid
  • the ecological cleaning agent
  • the brush for the mixing bowl knife
  • the practical display cleaner

and many other items that make cooking with the Thermomix® a real pleasure.

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