Cookit and Thermomix®: The head-to-head race

Cookit und Thermomix®: Das Kopf-an-Kopf-Rennen - Wundermix GmbH

The Thermomix® is the undisputed classic among all-round kitchen machines. The original has been enriching local kitchens for several decades. The device makes cooking, baking, steaming and much more easier. New variants of the veteran such as the Thermomix® TM6 not only have a larger pot compared to older devices, but also offer, among other things, a connection to the home network.

Can the device actually compete with an alternative such as the Bosch Cookit?

The following quick check not only looks at the technical data, but also uses one or two recipes to check whether dishes can be prepared with the Bosch alternative with just as much love and just as quickly as with the original. Cookit vs Thermomix® - in this duel the tried and tested machines from two traditional German manufacturers enter the ring. The Wundermix test shows whether the original from Vorwerk prevails over the competition from Bosch or whether the two devices are on equal terms.

Cookit and Thermomix®: The head-to-head race

The market launch of the Thermomix® meant a revolution in kitchens. It is therefore not surprising that the all-rounder has gained a large fan base over the years. The Bosch Cookit is a device that only came into competition with the Vorwerk machine late on. But what are the differences between Cookit and Thermomix® and why have there not yet been any stronger opponents for the original? The proud purchase price of the Bosch Cookit alone shows in a direct comparison that the Cookit and the Thermomix® are fully-fledged food processors with an amazing range of functions. The aim of the all-rounder from Bosch is to surpass the functions and possible uses of the Thermomix®. At first glance, this seems to be successful, for example because of the larger cooking volume or because of the possibility of frying. Time will tell how the newcomer fares with a connection to the Internet, guided cooking and his own app.

Cookit vs Thermomix®: The specifications of the Thermomix®

Until now, the Thermomix® was considered untouchable in many areas due to its many possibilities. Although much cheaper devices have managed to imitate individual functions, the overall package did not yet exist in this form, also due to the price. When comparing Cookit vs. Thermomix®, it is worth taking a look at the long and successful model history, which today culminates in the Thermomix® TM6. Over the years, real communities have formed, which is the reason why there are now over 40,000 recipes in the Thermomix® digital database. The device from Vorwerk has been tried and tested for a long time and impresses with its robustness and constant improvement. The device with an impressive price, innovative accessories and many new recipes no longer has to prove itself to its fans. The flagship features of the original when comparing Thermomix® and Cookit are the high-quality workmanship, the stable connection to the home network and the function for grinding coffee and even grain, which the Bosch device lacks.

Cookit: The Thermomix® replacement under the microscope

Smoothie trio.

When comparing Cookit or Thermomix®, the device from Bosch doesn't have to hide with its three-liter pot, the function for frying and the option for slicing vegetables. When it comes to preparing food, the colorful touch display and the interactive functions, the model, which is available on Amazon for example, is in no way inferior to the Thermomix®. While the Thermomix® only chops vegetables, the Bosch product can either julienne or slice and even grate. The biggest innovation when comparing Cookit vs Thermomix® is when frying. Users of the Thermomix® forego this function, while the Bosch Cookit becomes an even more practical helper for curries, for example.

Cookit or Thermomix®? Here is an overview of the most important reasons

Regardless of whether you choose the Cookit or the Thermomix®, both variants are premium devices that leave nothing to be desired in terms of versatility and longevity. In fact, the Bosch Cookit manages to further expand the already impressive functions of the Thermomix®. Its pot is slightly larger and it reaches higher temperatures. However, since this is a young platform, there is only a limited amount of experience and the database for cooking under supervision is still a bit empty.

Thermomix® or Cookit: The chef has the final say

Both Thermomix® and Cookit do not take anything apart in this even duel. If you want to own a marginally cheaper device, you should choose the Bosch device when asked about Cookit vs Thermomix®. The safe choice for Cookit and Thermomix® is the tried and tested original, which is not only characterized by perfection in workmanship and innovation, but also offers first-class customer service. Another element in the debate between Cookit and Thermomix® is the fact that there are far more accessories due to the long product history of the Vorwerk product. Examples of this are the practical Thermomix® sliding boards, which make the kitchen appliance more mobile and therefore even more versatile. Wundermix offers a wide range of practical complementary products.

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