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Which Thermomix® is the best and which Thermomix® models are suitable for you? Maybe you ask yourself these or similar questions. The fact is that with any of the kitchen machines, even if it is an older model, you can create all kinds of recipes more easily and quickly. It is the individual functions and practical additions that differentiate a new Thermomix® from its predecessors. A new Thermomix® model, for example the TM6, can sear meat, something its predecessors were previously unable to do. Wundermix will tell you which Thermomix® is right for you.

The different Thermomix® models — an overview

The hype about the Thermomix® continues unabated on the market. When Vorwerk presents a new Thermomix®, not only the loyal fans but also the experts rave about it. A new device is guaranteed to be able to cook; it is mainly the new functions, such as the connection to the Internet, that amaze everyone. The food processor is not a modern trend. The device, the Thermomix®, has been around since the 1960s. Of course, the versatile food processor has undergone many changes over this long period of time.

Which Thermomix® models are there?

Listed here you will find all Thermomix® models that Vorwerk has presented so far. On the one hand you can see how long the success story of the device is and on the other hand you can see how future-proof the investment in a Thermomix® model is.

Thermomix VKM5

This Thermomix® model is the ancestor of all of Vorwerk's multifunctional kitchen machines known today. The device represented a revolution in 1961 that continues to this day.

Thermomix® VM10

The VM10 was an improvement on the VKM5. The device was particularly popular on the French market, where it was used to prepare soups.

Thermomix® VM2000

This Thermomix® was the first with a heating function. This significantly expanded the range of functions.

Thermomix® VM2200

In this generation, the heating function has been improved and the Thermomix® has gradually become stronger and even more versatile.

Thermomix® TM3000

The TM3000 first appeared on the Italian and French markets. This is the first model that could cook.

Thermomix® TM3300

This Thermomix® model marks the triumph of the device in Europe. Since the introduction of the TM3300, everyone is talking about Thermomix®.

Thermomix® TM21

One of the most popular Thermomix® models. By this generation at the latest, the hype surrounding the food processor could no longer be stopped.

Thermomix® TM31

The Varoma attachment, which was introduced for the first time in the model, has been improved here and cooking can be done even more precisely and quickly.

Thermomix® TM5

The first device that allows a connection to the Internet, opening the door to a new world of cooking.

Thermomix® TM6

In addition to the simplified connection to the Internet, the TM6 from 2019 uses Bluetooth for the first time. Another new function is the possibility of frying. This makes recipes, such as curries, even easier to create.

Explanation of terms with the Thermomix® VM and TM – what does that actually stand for?

The first Thermomix® models had the abbreviation “VM” in their name. This stands for “Vorwerk Mixer”. The "TM" in the new Thermomix® models simply stands for "Thermomix®".

TM5 vs TM6

The TM5 and the new TM6 are the most popular models today. The differences are that the TM6 can fry for the first time and you now adjust the temperature precisely in one degree increments. The TM6 also weighs even more accurately and automatically connects to your smartphone thanks to Bluetooth and Vorwerk's own app. If you want to improve your TM5 or TM6 even further, take a look at the practical accessories from Wundermix.

Which Thermomix® is the best?

A Thermomix® is only declared ready for the market if it can not only cook, but also do so perfectly for many years or even decades. All Thermomix® models and accessories are designed for maximum longevity. However, you can only enjoy new functions and technologies with the new models from Thermomix®. The TM6, for example, represents a big leap from its predecessor, the TM5. If you want to unleash the full potential of Thermomix® innovations when cooking, then the TM6 is the best device.

Which Thermomix® should I buy?

Only the Thermomix® TM6 is available to buy as a new device. But in many kitchens, the TM5 and TM31 in particular still do a great job every day. Since purchasing a Thermomix® is always a cost issue, you may decide to go for an older, used Thermomix® model from Vorwerk. However, if you invest in the new Thermomix® TM6, the new model, you can enjoy guided cooking or an easy-to-set up Bluetooth connection. It's up to you which multifunctional food processor you choose and which function is particularly important to you. The fact is that Vorwerk's innovative potential is most clearly evident in the new TM6. The model is still being constantly improved today, for example through software updates.

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