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The Thermomix® is known as a device that supports you with all kinds of recipes with its innovative functions. The Vorwerk food processor can do cooking, steaming and even sous vide cooking. The device shows its many advantages and practical contents not only when preparing different recipes, but also when operating it. In just a few simple steps you can set your Thermomix® as the recipe specifies.

The most important functions in operating the Thermomix® are briefly explained

The most important functions regarding the condition of the Thermomix® go hand in hand with the versatile options that the food processor offers you. For example, you can control the temperature with just one hand or access the contents of the Thermomix® menu with a single tap. There you can quickly establish a connection to the Internet or pair your food processor with your smartphone or another device. Another advantage of the modern operating concepts of the Thermomix® is that sometimes you don't need any buttons or the touch menu at all. For example with the Cook Key or the recipe chips.

Convenient and modern Thermomix® operation with the touchscreen of the TM6

The touchscreen of the Thermomix® is one of the biggest advantages of the Vorwerk food processor. Thanks to the integration of the panel on the TM5 and TM6, operation is much more intuitive than on its predecessors. Vorwerk reduces the physical buttons to a minimum. This makes cleaning much easier for you and helps you optimize your Thermomix® to suit your needs even more quickly.

The important buttons at a glance

Both devices, the TM5 and the TM6, are characterized by the generously designed touch panel. The versatility of this element has led to the elimination of most classic buttons. In addition to the power button, the main control wheel is important. This does not have a fixed function, but changes it according to the menu sub-item that you select in the touch menu. This means that you use it to activate the scale before cooking, but you can also use it to continuously regulate the temperature at any time.

Possible settings of the Thermomix®

The content of the menu on your Thermomix® is highly customizable. This means that when you use the Vorwerk device, you always know exactly where which function is located. If you use a function particularly often, arrange it so that it appears first in the menu. This means you can get to your next recipe even quicker with your versatile device.

How easy is the Thermomix® to use?

Using a Thermomix® means simplification in many areas. What this means for you is that Vorwerk has optimized its device so that you can achieve the best possible result with as few steps as possible. With the Thermomix® this is achieved thanks to particularly intuitive operation. The symbols and the individual steps are self-explanatory in many areas. Even before cooking for the first time, you usually understand how to regulate the temperature or how the scales work. As a result, Vorwerk manages to keep the learning curve very flat. Even Thermomix® newbies don't need the operating instructions for every single cooking process. The clear layout also supports older users. The physical buttons and the LCD display are largely self-explanatory, so that important automatisms can be set quickly.

If in doubt, rely on the operating instructions!

If you like to go into detail and have questions about how to use the Thermomix® that do not arise from the intuitive layout, you can always read the Thermomix® operating instructions. If you don't have the little booklet to hand, you can find all the tips and tricks for Thermomix® online. This way you can quickly find the functions you need for your recipe.

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