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Das Mini-Gleitbrett für den TM31 - Wundermix GmbH

The mini gliding board for the TM31

A real treasure: It has been serving you well for many years, it is always there when you need it and it does the most strenuous tasks in the kitchen without complaining. The TM31 is a reliable foo...

First Class Schutz für Euer Thermomix Display - Wundermix GmbH

First class protection for your Thermomix display

With cell phones, it is almost standard practice to put a protective film over it to protect the sensitive cell phone display - why not with the Thermomix? We have already equipped our TM6 with the...

MiPla® Warmhaltehaube für den Garkorb und Varoma - Wundermix GmbH

MiPla® warming hood for the cooking basket and Varoma

What is the best way to keep food warm? What sounds like a fairly simple and everyday question at first glance is not that easy to answer at second glance. Thermomixers in particular know the probl...

Jetzt neu: Kreditkartenzahlung bei Wundermix - Wundermix GmbH

Now new: credit card payment at Wundermix

From now on you can also pay at Wundermix with your VISA or MasterCard credit card - without having to go through PayPal.

Jetzt neu: 30 Tage Geld-zurück-Garantie auf alle Artikel bei Wundermix - Wundermix GmbH

Now new: 30-day money-back guarantee on all items at Wundermix

Christmas shopping at Wundermix is ​​completely risk-free: We now offer you a 30-day money-back guarantee on all items in our shop!

Lieferung jetzt auch in die Schweiz - Wundermix GmbH

Delivery now also to Switzerland

From now on, our Swiss customers can order directly to a delivery address in Switzerland - the goods then usually arrive within 3 working days via our logistics partner DHL