MiPla® warming hood for the cooking basket and Varoma

MiPla® Warmhaltehaube für den Garkorb und Varoma - Wundermix GmbH

There are many ways to keep individual ingredients warm until they are beautifully draped and served on a plate.

In the past, food was stylishly kept warm under a silver bell. While it looks pretty impressive, it's not necessarily suitable for everyday use, not to mention the lack of insulating properties.

The oven method is better. Simply switch on the fan and keep the cooked ingredients in it at low temperatures until everything is ready to be served. But if you put fish in the oven, for example, it will dry out quickly. It has been carefully cooked over steam in Varoma beforehand so that it stays juicy. So not ideal either. Thermomixers in particular previously had to be creative if they wanted to keep the individual ingredients warm.

Because if you're not cooking a one-pot dish, the food is prepared in different steps - tailored to the cooking times. If the fish, meat and vegetables are already ready, the sauce comes first. Now the cooked ingredients need to be kept warm. The slots in the cooking basket and Varoma aren't exactly helpful. A tea towel only keeps you moderately warm. And the cooked ingredients are usually too wet to stuff everything under the thick feather bed. If you want to keep your food warm, it's best to use a professional solution.

Brought under the hood

The new MiPla® warming hood can be compared to thermal insulation like that used in houses. High-tech is also used in the hood so that the heat stays inside and no cold can penetrate from outside. Premium fabrics that are hand-processed using the sandwich process have a high insulating factor. Similar to the silver dinner bell, the hood is simply placed over the Varoma or the cooking insert. The MiPla® warming hood is available in two sizes: one in size S, to cover the cooking basket of the Thermomix, and then in size L, under which both the cooking insert and the Varoma fit. Thanks to this new invention, it is easier than ever to keep the cooked ingredients warm in the Varoma or in the cooking basket for a longer period of time. If you want to be sure that the food doesn't cool down too much over time, you can use a meat thermometer so you can always keep an eye on the temperature.

Hot on the table, then into the cupboard

Once the food has been served wonderfully warm on the plates, the MiPla® warming hood can simply be folded up and put away to save space - until the next time you use it. If something gets dirty during use, that's no problem because the fabric is water-repellent and washable. To do this, simply wash the hood with lukewarm water and let it dry.

Tip from the Wundermix team:

Not only the Varoma and cooking basket fit under the MiPla® warming hood L. A roasting pan or Roman pot can also be quickly stored underneath and keep the contents warm without further cooking the food with unnecessary heat from the stove or oven.

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