First class protection for your Thermomix display

First Class Schutz für Euer Thermomix Display - Wundermix GmbH

The Thermomix is ​​a high-quality and expensive kitchen appliance, so you should take better care of it. Because cooking can sometimes be hectic and a kitchen utensil can easily fall out of your hand. It's a shame if it falls on the floor - extremely annoying if it ends up on the Thermomix display! Because cracks and scratches on the display are not just a question of appearance, they sometimes even affect usability. We have therefore developed a new HYBRID GLASS screen protector for the Thermomix TM6.

Invisible help

Instead of a thick foil sticker that makes the usability of your touch display sluggish to unreliable, the HYBRID GLASS display protector for Thermomix TM6 is barely noticeable. Because thanks to the Ultra HD quality, it contains maximum transparency and color fidelity and the glass touch surface ensures a perfect gliding feeling. Anyone who fears that the display is still just as sensitive due to this barely different feel is wrong. The anti-shock material is not only breakage, impact and impact protection, but also extremely scratch-resistant and durable thanks to the 9H surface hardening.

Guaranteed bubble-free

Anyone who has to think about unsightly bubbles on their display when it comes to screen protection can rest easy. With the help of the EASY-ON® assembly aid, attachment becomes child's play. The HYBRID GLASS screen protector is easy to apply, fits 100% precisely and can be removed again without leaving any residue if necessary.

And this is how our HYBRID-GLAS screen protector for Thermomix TM6 is stuck on:

1. Clean the display thoroughly with the wet cloth and then dry it with the microfiber cloth.

2. Removes the narrow edge of the protective glass without removing the carrier film.

3. Now attach the two EASY-ON® assembly aids to the narrow side of the edge on the right.

4. Slide the protective film under the control button of the Thermomix and align it exactly with the display. Once you have aligned it optimally, you can attach the hybrid glass using the EASY-ON® fixing strips.

5. Now remove the last grains of dust from the display with the dust remover. To do this, fold the foil back briefly.

6. Remove the carrier film from the display protector about 5 cm from the right to the middle and press the film onto the display.

7. Continue this step centimeter by centimeter until the protective film is completely on the display.

8. Remove the fixing strips and brush away any bubbles towards the outside.

Tip: If bubbles appear under the screen protector, you can simply remove the screen protector briefly.

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