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A soup is delicious, light and suitable for any time of day or season. One of the great classics of Mediterranean cuisine is soup, made with zucchini, potatoes and a few other delicious ingredients. You can prepare your zucchini soup in no time in the Thermomix, and it's particularly quick and inexpensive if you grow the zucchini in your own garden. Refined with a little pepper and a squeeze of lemon juice and the delicate yet simple dish is ready.

Which Thermomix is ​​suitable for zucchini soup?

The zucchini soup according to the Thermomix recipe is designed to have an intense taste and creaminess. Thanks to the numerous options of the TM5, TM6 and TM31 models, you can choose a level at which you can cook the vegetables gently and yet quickly. For example, you put all the ingredients into the mixing bowl at level 2 and at the end it only takes a few seconds to puree at level 5. Then season with a little salt and your delicious zucchini cream is ready to serve.

Zucchini soup with the Thermomix: how do the costs break down?

The zucchini soup according to the Thermomix® recipe is based on ingredients that you probably have available in your kitchen most of the time anyway. If you buy the vegetables for your delicious soup in the supermarket or at the weekly market, it is best to pay attention to the origin of the zucchini and whether they are in season or not. If you split the costs based on the recipe, a large bowl of the soup will cost you around 1.50 euros to 1.80 euros, depending on the provider. It becomes even cheaper if you can look forward to a regular supply of vegetables thanks to your garden.

The zucchini soup recipe for the Thermomix is ​​so easy

When it comes to zucchini soup from the Thermomix, it's not just the zucchini themselves that are important, but also the potatoes. Although the soup is also delicious with predominantly waxy potatoes, it is particularly creamy and delicate with floury potatoes.

You need the following ingredients for your creamy zucchini soup from the Thermomix:

● 800g zucchini
● 200 g potatoes (floury)
● 25 g vegetable oil (a good virgin olive oil goes well with the zucchini)
● 1 garlic clove (optional)
● 1 medium onion
● 2 tsp vegetable broth powder
● 900g water
● 1/5 tsp salt
● some juice from a lemon
● some toast bread
● 50 g crème fraîche
● 50 g bacon or ham cubes (optional)

The instructions: Using the Thermomix to make the zucchini soup

The zucchini soup from the Thermomix is ​​one of the most popular recipes. Despite the small amount of work, you can achieve amazing results:

1. Peel the garlic and onion, halve the onion and add both to the mixing bowl. Then chop on speed for 10 seconds, push the pieces down with the spatula and add the oil. Now you can steam for 3 minutes on level 1/Varoma.

2. Now add the peeled and chopped potatoes along with the water and the powder for the broth. Cook for 20 minutes on level 1 and 100°C.

3. Meanwhile, cut the washed zucchini into pieces and then add them to the mixing bowl with salt, pepper, a generous squeeze of lemon juice and some dried thyme. Continue cooking for 10 minutes.

4. Now add a tablespoon of 30 g créme fraîche to the mixing bowl and puree it on level 6 for about 30 seconds. Now you can serve your zucchini soup from the Per Thermomix® and optionally decorate it with briefly pan-roasted croutons made from toast and bacon. Add a little créme fraîche to each plate.

Wonder mix – for good cuisine

Wundermix not only shows its strengths when it comes to Mediterranean cuisine, but is also there for you when you feel like baking. Take a look at our Thermomix recipes and Thermomix recipe books and let the variety convince you. You can also find great accessories here such as Thermomix spatulas , accessories for the Varoma of the Thermomix and even Monsieur Cuisine Connect accessories .

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