Prepare wild garlic pesto with the Thermomix

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Wild garlic pesto! But which Thermomix?

In the past, pesto was painstakingly made by hand using a pestle in a mortar. Today your Thermomix takes this task off your hands and, thanks to its sharp blades and a powerful motor, ensures that you always get a perfect and delicious result. The TM6, TM5 and TM31 versions of the Thermomix are best suited for your wild garlic pesto.

Wild garlic pesto from the Thermomix - how much does it cost?

The recipe calls for the best ingredients. If you want to make a larger quantity because you want to freeze the sauce, which goes well with gnocchi, or because you want to give it to friends as a gift, then it's best to look around at a local weekly market. By the way, you can also get fresh wild garlic from many gardeners. This is a good tip if the popular ingredient is sold out in the supermarket again. Based on the ingredients listed below, you will incur costs of five to eight euros, depending on the quality you choose.

There's the bear tapping: The best wild garlic pesto recipe with the Thermomix is ​​available at Wundermix!

The wild garlic pesto from the Thermomix is ​​of course based on Italian cuisine. As is often the case, this means few but the best ingredients. It becomes really tasty if the wild garlic was harvested on the same day, you use extra virgin olive oil and use Parmesan cheese that has been aged for 24 months in one go.

  • 125 g wild garlic
  • 70 g pine nuts
  • 2 tsp salt
  • 120g Parmesan
  • 100 g extra virgin olive oil
  • 2 tsp juice of an organic lemon (optional)

Quickly prepared and well prepared: wild garlic pesto from the Thermomix

  1. The wild garlic pesto recipe in the Thermomix can be made within a few minutes. Pay attention to the order and you will get a wonderfully creamy and intense pesto.
  2. Put the wild garlic, the pine nuts (which you can optionally roast briefly beforehand), the salt and the Parmesan in small pieces into the mixing bowl of your Thermomix. Chop the ingredients for 10 seconds on speed 7. Use the spatula to achieve an even result.
  3. Now add the oil and lemon juice if you want to give your Thermomix wild garlic pesto a fresh kick and puree for 20 seconds on level 6.
  4. Pour the pesto into sterilized jars and add enough olive oil to completely cover the surface. Store the Thermomix wild garlic pesto in the refrigerator and use it in about two weeks if you don't want to lose any of the strong taste.

Miracle mix. For the ideal recipe mix.

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