Cherry jam from the Thermomix

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Which Thermomix is ​​suitable for making cherry jam?

With your practical kitchen helper from Vorwerk you have probably already conjured up one or two spreads and dips or even rolls and now you are wondering whether your Thermomix is ​​also suitable for cherry jam. Well, there is no doubt that your delicious jam will be perfect if you rely on the newer generations of the Thermomix. This means the TM6, the TM5 and the TM31. With these you can rely on the cooking and pureeing to work perfectly and your jam to have the ideal consistency.

Cherry jam with Thermomix: how much does it cost? 

You can also find good cherry or strawberry jam in the supermarket, so why should you make your own? The answer to this question is clear, because the cherry jam from the Thermomix is ​​not only an alternative to the finished product, but also a way to precisely control the ingredients and their quality. Jam sugar, lemon juice and of course the cherries - that's all you need for the recipe for cherry jam from the Thermomix. Of course, the preparation is particularly cheap if you can use your own cherries from the garden. If you don't have this option, be sure to wait until the fruit is in season. Then you pay around four to five euros per kilo and the taste is most intense.

Our recipe for cherry jam with the Thermomix goes as follows:

In addition to the ingredients listed below, the glass used also plays an important role. Although the preserving sugar ensures that the jam lasts for a particularly long time, it is still highly recommended to boil the jars into which you want to fill your cherry jam from the Thermomix beforehand or to sterilize them in the Varoma. Do the same with the jar lids.

You need these ingredients for the cherry jam from the Thermomix:

  • 1000 g pitted cherries
  • 500 g preserving sugar 2:1
  • Juice of half a medium-sized lemon

This is how it works: Thermomix & cherry jam

  1. Puree the cherries in the mixing bowl on level 5 for 5 seconds
  2. Now add the remaining ingredients and mix everything on speed 4 for 10 seconds
  3. Now cook the whole thing for 20 minutes on level 3 at 100 °C and then carry out a gelling test
  4. Pour the hot jam into the jars, which are still warm from boiling, screw them on tightly and turn them upside down for about 10 minutes

In winter you can add some cinnamon and a pinch of star anise to the jam.

Wonder mix - for the stomach and a good mood

Thermomix recipes (also available as Thermomix recipe books ) bring joy to the kitchen and if you feel like making a new culinary discovery while cooking or baking, just take a look around at Wundermix. Our recipe list is bursting with inspiration, ideas and tips. Our great range of products such as the Varoma of the Thermomix , the award-winning Thermomix spatula and the Monsieur Cuisine Connect accessories also impress with their easy handling and high quality.

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