Tasty: Prepare bread dumplings using the Thermomix

Schmackhaft: Semmelknödel via Thermomix zubereiten - Wundermix GmbH

A bread dumpling Thermomix recipe to try

The following ingredients refer to six servings. Whether you prepare six larger dumplings or several small ones depends, on the one hand, on the recipe and, on the other hand, entirely on you. You need these ingredients:

● a handful of fresh parsley
● 1 medium onion
● 30g butter
● 200 ml milk
● 1 tsp salt
● 3 eggs (size L)
● 1 pinch of pepper
● 1 pinch of nutmeg
● 300 g rolls from the day before or dumpling bread
● 600 ml water

Bread dumplings with the Thermomix? Can be done with these simple steps.

1. Peel the onions and quarter them, then put them in the mixing bowl together with the parsley and chop everything for 3 seconds on level 6. Then push everything down with the spatula.
2. Next you have to add the butter for the bread dumplings according to the Thermomix recipe.
Use this to sauté the onion and parsley for 3 minutes on level 1 at 120 °C until translucent. Then add the milk for the Thermomix bread dumplings, which you heat at level 1 for 1 1/5 minutes.
3. Now add the chopped rolls or dumpling bread.
The eggs, nutmeg, salt and pepper are now added to the Thermomix bread dumplings. Mix everything for 20 seconds on speed 3.
4. Put the dumpling dough in a bowl and shape the dumplings one at a time with your hands.
5. Rinse the mixing bowl, add the water and grease your Varoma.
Put your Thermomix bread dumplings in there.
Put your Varoma on and cook the dumplings for 30 minutes on level 1. Serve the bread dumplings from the Thermomix as hot as possible.

Which Thermomix can you use to prepare bread dumplings?

The latest generations of the Thermomix in particular have significantly improved in terms of performance, size of the mixing bowl and user-friendliness. For this reason, your Thermomix bread dumplings work best with the current TM6. But even with the TM5 or the smaller TM31 you are guaranteed to get the desired result.

How much do bread dumplings cost you to prepare with the Thermomix?

The Thermomix bread dumplings are something for every budget and are also ideal whenever you have leftover rolls. Regardless of whether you serve the dumplings as a main course with a strong sauce or with a roast or other delicacy, the cost is always around 50 cents per serving.

Wundermix - whether bread rolls or bread dumplings: learned is learned!

Goulash or delicious cream mushrooms go well with the bread dumplings from the Thermomix. You can find the recipes for this at Wundermix. Thanks to the diverse and varied database, you can also quickly find out how to prepare the vegetarian alternative in no time. Real cooking, intense tasting – with Wundermix, a new, delicious Thermomix recipe is just a quick search away. If you prefer the classic way, choose our Thermomix recipe books , of which Wundermix also has many on offer. To ensure that your sauce is perfect or that the taste of the parsley stands out particularly clearly when cooking, you can use innovative accessories such as the Thermomix spatula or accessories for the Varoma of the Thermomix, which significantly expand the range of functions of your kitchen helper. Of course, this also applies to our Monsieur Cuisine Connect accessories .

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