Easy to prepare: apple pie with the Thermomix

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Apple cake with the Thermomix: the ingredients

For an apple pie from the Thermomix you need the following ingredients:

For the dough:

  • 150g sugar
  • 130g butter
  • 1 packet of vanilla sugar
  • 200g flour
  • 3 eggs (size L)
  • 2 Table spoons of milk
  • 1 packet of baking powder


For covering:

  • 500 g apples, peeled and diced


This is how it is prepared: Apple cake with the Thermomix

  1. Put all the ingredients for the dough into the mixing bowl and mix for 30 seconds on speed 5.
  2. Line a springform pan with baking paper and fill it with the dough. Place the peeled and diced apples on the dough and press them lightly.
  3. Bake the Thermomix apple cake in a preheated oven at 180° C for about 45 minutes until the top is golden yellow.
  4. If you wish, you can modify the recipe by adding 50g of raisins. This will make your quick apple pie even more interesting and simply delicious.


Which Thermomix can make apple pie?

As with most cakes, the secret to the Thermomix apple cake lies in the dough. To achieve the best possible result, it's best to use your Thermomix TM6 or TM5. With their wide range of functions and powerful motors, these are perfect for getting you to the desired result within just a few minutes. You can also quickly prepare a tray or a cake from the springform pan, so thanks to the apple cake recipe from the Thermomix you always know what to do if you happen to have leftover apples.


How much does an apple pie from the Thermomix cost?

The apple cake from the Thermomix has a simple recipe that can be made quickly and is still convincing in all respects. A simple apple pie is not only always a great idea, but also a cheap way to spoil your guests. The Thermomix apple cake is always delicious and it only costs you around five euros for a whole cake. Cinnamon, flour, sugar and baking powder, you probably already have the ingredients for the Thermomix apple cake at home and of course it will be particularly cheap if you use apples from your own garden.


Miracle mix – for you and your guests

A delicious cake baked quickly is always a delicious idea to delight the family. At Wundermix you will find numerous other Thermomix recipes as well as Thermomix recipe books that are in no way inferior to the apple pie recipe from the Thermomix. In addition, by taking a look at the shop you will find out how you can use your Thermomix even more versatilely and more often with the right accessories such as the Varoma of the Thermomix , the Thermomix spatula (we also offer Monsieur Cuisine Connect accessories ). Get inspired and find out what else you and your Thermomix are capable of.


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