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A wide variety of kitchen appliances are available for the kitchen, from ovens to mixers. Wouldn't it be more practical to have one device that combines all functions? This is available with the Thermomix® from the manufacturer Vorwerk. It is a smart food processor that takes a lot of work off of the hobby cook. Cooking, cooking and baking are done almost all by themselves - all you have to do is add the food.

The Thermomix® from Vorwerk - a small invention with great success in the kitchen

The Thermomix® from Vorwerk consists of the following components:

  • a motor and control unit
  • a removable mixing bowl made of stainless steel with included heating
  • a rotating folding knife with four blades
  • integrated scale
  • Touchscreen for operation and programming

When rotating clockwise, the device chops the food. When running counterclockwise they are mixed. The food processor can perform the classic functions such as kneading, mixing, stirring and chopping. In addition, it can weigh, steam, warm and cook. The latest model can even fry and caramelize. Steam cooking is possible using the “Varoma” attachment. The kitchen appliance makes food preparation much easier. This way, even less talented home cooks can create delicious dishes, tasty breads and sweet snacks. Millions of people around the world have now bought the Thermomix® from Vorwerk. And if something is ingenious, people will quickly imitate it. For years, other manufacturers have been bringing out food processors that are supposed to do something similar. The Thermomix® manufacturer Vorwerk has hit the mark.

The Thermomix® and its manufacturer: Vorwerk under the microscope

Vorwerk is the manufacturer of Thermomix® and a family business that was founded in 1883 by the brothers Carl and Adolf Vorwerk (1853–1925). Over the decades, the Wuppertal-based company grew into a diversified international group. In addition to the Thermomix®, Vorwerk is bringing other products from the following categories onto the market:

  • domestic appliances
  • Vacuum cleaners under the brand name Kobold
  • cosmetics
  • Carpets
  • floor coverings

The company, which is managed as a limited partnership, has more than half a million employees working in over 60 countries worldwide. The majority of them are independent sales representatives. The products are made in Germany and other parts of the world. In the summer of 2019, Vorwerk announced that final assembly of Thermomix® kitchen appliances would no longer take place in Wuppertal. It now takes place at the production plant in France and China. However, some of the Thermomix® components such as the motor and the mixing blade are still manufactured at the headquarters.

How Vorwerk brought the Thermomix® onto the market

The beginnings of Thermomix® go back to 1961, when Vorwerk first brought a universal kitchen appliance onto the market. It had the futuristic name “VKM5”. The device impressed customers because it combined seven kitchen functions.

1960s - and 1970s

In the late 1960s, further Thermomix® models followed: VM10 and VM20. In 1971, Vorwerk introduced the original Thermomix® with the VM 2000. The French were crazy about it because they could use the device to prepare even better soups. The VM2002 and VM2200 followed later in the 1970s.

1980s - years

Vorwerk registered the Vorwerk Thermomix brand and developed the Thermomix TM3000. Its groundbreaking innovation was that the device could cook. Just a few years later, hobby chefs were able to enjoy the TM3300, which had an electric speed control with 12 levels. The temperature could now also be selected.

1990s and the beginning of the new millennium

For a few years it was quiet about the Thermomix®. The product developers at Vorwerk worked on new functions for the universal kitchen appliance and finally presented the Thermomix® TM21 in 1996. He had a larger mixing bowl and the Varoma steamer attachment. A display for the cooking time and integrated scales further optimized the device. Between 2004 and 2014, the TM31 was the latest Thermomix® model.


The Thermomix® TM5 ultimately achieved particularly high sales figures in the millions in 2014. A touchscreen, recipe chips, an automatic locking system and many other features optimized it. Vorwerk has to expand its factories due to high demand. However, the engineers did not rest on their laurels and launched the Thermomix® TM6 onto the market in 2019. It is similar to the previous model, but impresses with advanced functions such as integrated WLAN and Bluetooth.

What goes best with the Thermomix® from Vorwerk: the Wundermix product range!

To match the Thermomix® from Vorwerk, Wundermix offers powerful accessories with which you can clean, care for, protect and decorate the food processor. Accessories are also available to make cooking with the Thermomix® even easier. From caramelized almonds at Christmas time to an exotic curry to an onion and bacon cake for a picnic: with the help of the Wundermix accessories for the Thermomix®, any food can be prepared even better.

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