Thermomix® and KitchenAid: The head-to-head race

As a practical helper in the kitchen at home, many appliances have achieved cult status in recent decades. The undisputed leader is the Thermomix®, the latest version of which is called “Thermomix® TM6”. The device is best known for its extensive cooking function. The multifunctional food processor takes on pretty much every task in the kitchen.

Of course it can cook, but it also supports you with weighing, chopping, steaming and even sous vide cooking. The kitchen appliance automatically delivers the right recipe to you thanks to a constant connection to the home network. So if you're ever lacking inspiration, the machine is there to help you with its innovations. With its extensive accessories and variety of functions, the Thermomix® commands a proud price. Wundermix went on a search and tested a cheap alternative in the kitchen machine check. The Thermomix® competes against KitchenAid, which throws its Artisan into the ring.

Thermomix® and KitchenAid: The head-to-head race

Who will be the price-performance winner and will there actually be a real alternative in the comparison between KitchenAid and Thermomix®? The fact is that both competitors, Thermomix® and KitchenAid, look back on a long and successful history. The manufacturer of Thermomix®, Vorwerk, is a traditional manufacturer from Germany, while KitchenAid, which supports prep and cooking, has its origins in the United States. Wundermix tried out the KitchenAid Artisan and put the device through its paces.

KitchenAid vs Thermomix®: What the Thermomix® has to offer

In order to claim the title as the best Thermomix® alternative, you need extensive functions, an attractive price and exciting accessories. In the duel between KitchenAid and Thermomix®, the device from the manufacturer Vorwerk proves to be anything but an easy opponent. The heart of the all-round food processor is the cooking function, which has been expanded with a variety of functions over the course of the product's history. However, the integrated scale has always been a flagship of the original. There is also a practical function for steaming, grinding coffee and grains and guided cooking, which not only supports you in coming up with ideas, but also in the cooking itself. The numerous functions of the TM regularly give the all-rounder top marks from Stiftung Warentest. A comparison between Thermomix® and KitchenAid shows that the forefather of all multifunctional kitchen machines is well aware of its role.

KitchenAid more than a veritable Thermomix® alternative?

With the Kitchen Artisan Cook Processor, the traditional US company is breaking new ground. A comparison between Thermomix® and KitchenAid shows that the newcomer did a lot of things right straight away. The Cook Processor cooks, steams, chops and comes up to temperature quickly. During development and especially in design, great attention was paid to the familiar design language, so that KitchenAid and Thermomix® appeal to significantly different tastes. When cooking, the device from the United States exudes a lovely retro charm. This is shown in detail right down to the accessories, which are unfortunately indispensable for many of the functions, as the comparison of KitchenAid vs Thermomix® shows that the integration of individual modes and functions works better with the original.

The kitchen miracles in comparison - the pros and cons of Thermomix® and KitchenAid

The typical food processor from Thermomix® and KitchenAid is known for its high-quality workmanship and longevity. If you decide between Thermomix® or KitchenAid, you are less likely to make a decision based on price, as both devices are high-priced models. Rather, you decide on a philosophy when it comes to the food processor. The KitchenAid Artisan Cook Processor appears to be a logical further development of the range, while when comparing Thermomix® or KitchenAid it becomes clear that the former pursues a uniform and more complete concept from the start, which is designed for the best possible integration of all functions. The duel KitchenAid vs Thermomix® is unequal because in certain respects different target groups are addressed. The Thermomix® proves to be the more complete all-round food processor.

Thermomix® or KitchenAid: The chef has the final say

The duel between KitchenAid and Thermomix® appears even in some areas and in many areas the device from the USA is actually an alternative. With the right attachment, the Artisan Cook Processor offers even more options for cutting vegetables than the original. But in terms of price-performance ratio, the comparison between KitchenAid and Thermomix® proves to be difficult. The Thermomix® can do more than just prep, it has an integrated cooking function, the permanently installed scale is precise and the connection to the internet and your own app expands the possibilities immensely. The KitchenAid Cook Processor definitely appears to be a sensible addition to the existing range, but whether the device acts as a real alternative to the original can be questioned. Ultimately, the decision for a machine is yours. Ask yourself where Thermomix® or KitchenAid show their strengths as practical helpers and how you can integrate the devices into your everyday kitchen routine. If your decision for a universal food processor falls on the original, Wundermix offers you a large range of practical accessories. This makes the path to becoming a real gourmet much easier.

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