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Cooking at home is fun. However, in order to bring delicious dishes to the table, in addition to the food, skill and the right kitchen appliances are required. How nice it would be to have a single food processor that makes it easy to prepare different dishes! In fact, they are available with the Thermomix®. Thanks to the multifunctional device, even novice cooks can create delicious dishes because cooking with the Thermomix® is very easy. But what can the Thermomix® do and what can’t the Thermomix® do? Here are the answers. For optimal cooking with the Thermomix®. For good cuisine.

Cooking with the Thermomix® - a sense of achievement that is fun!

Many amateur chefs keep their fingers crossed in the kitchen because they doubt their abilities. If you prepare dishes with the Thermomix®, these worries are unfounded. Millions of consumers have already recognized this, which is why several million units of this food processor have already been sold worldwide. With the Thermomix® you are assured of a sense of success in the kitchen. The prepared food will taste 100% good. In addition, preparing them means less work for you, as the Thermomix® does almost everything for you: from cutting vegetables to kneading dough to cooking meat. Can you imagine that the Thermomix® can also create something for your individual needs? Let's find out!

What can the Thermomix® do?

In order to prepare a wide variety of dishes with the Thermomix®, the manufacturer has equipped the current model with numerous classic kitchen functions. These are:

    • Ferment
    • Caramelize
    • Slow cooking
    • Knead
    • Cook
    • Sous vide cooking
    • Fry
    • Steam cooking
    • Emulsify
    • Grind
    • Hit
    • Mix
    • Controlled heating
    • Mix
    • Stir
    • Shred
    • Weigh

You can control all of these functions manually to cook individually. Would you like to make cooking even easier? No problem. You can prepare dishes in a controlled manner with the Thermomix®. To do this, you use the recipes for Thermomix® dishes stored in the device. You can view the cooking instructions via the touchscreen. The touchscreen now shows you what you have to do so that the machine can create your desired dish for you.

What dishes can the Thermomix® prepare?

The selection of Thermomix® dishes is huge. From starters to main courses to desserts and snacks, everything is possible. You can make pastries such as waffles or cold desserts such as ice cream with the Thermomix®, as well as fine soups, stews, ragouts and bread dough. The question should therefore be: What can't the Thermomix® do?

What can’t the Thermomix® do?

The Thermomix® saves you a lot of work in the kitchen. If you choose a programmed Thermomix® dish, all you have to do is buy the ingredients for the dish and follow the cooking instructions on the touchscreen. The actual preparation is done by the device. Portioning the food onto plates and cleaning the food processor are also your responsibility. However, the Thermomix® can do everything in between for you.

So you have found a practical kitchen aid. For a long time, caramelizing, searing and roasting was not possible with the Thermomix®. That has changed with the TM6. If you want to fry a steak with wonderful roasted aromas, the Thermomix® is there for you. But be careful: If you want to fry more than 300 g of meat, you have to do this in stages. Very large pieces of meat do not fit in the Thermomix®. If you want to prepare them in one piece, a pan and oven are the better choice. For safe cooking success, the Thermomix® has the Guided Cooking function. Of course, it only works with Thermomix® dishes that have already been programmed.

You cannot use them for your own recipes. You still have to prepare them using manual settings on the food processor. However, since the selection of recipes is immense, this should not be a problem for fans of the guided cooking function. And below is a tip on how you can expand the recipe selection even further.

Wundermix: Supports your Thermomix® in its functions and is the ideal contact point for recipes

The Thermomix® is brilliant. You can cleverly complement it with the Wundermix accessories. These include, for example, recipe books and recipe booklets in which you will find an immense selection of cooking instructions for tasty dishes - for all occasions and tastes. In addition, the Wundermix range for the Thermomix® includes kitchen utensils that make handling the device even easier. A sliding board is also very practical, making it easier to move the heavy food processor on the kitchen counter. To protect the touchscreen against dust and other dirt, cover the screen with a high-quality display film from Wundermix.

Take a look around the Wundermix range for the Thermomix®!

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