Thermomix® alternatives

Would you like to create culinary miracles quickly and easily in the kitchen? Then the Thermomix® is the perfect kitchen appliance for you. There are also Thermomix® alternatives. Whether from Lidl, Aldi or another store: With these kitchen machines you can also create delicious dishes quickly and easily, very similar to the Thermomix®. The only question is whether such a model is actually any good? Wundermix reveals in a quick check what makes Thermomix® alternative devices! This way you always keep track of Thermomix® and Co.

The Thermomix® alternatives at a glance

The Thermomix® and Co. have conquered kitchens for some time now. But from handling to cooking function, from expensive to cheap: The Thermomix® alternatives are similar to the Thermomix®, but differ significantly from one another. Of course, they also have similarities, which can include an integrated scale. Below you will find out what sets the machines from Krups, Vorwerk, Kenwood and other brands apart. This way you can better assess whether the Thermomix® comparison devices are recommended for you or whether it should be the Thermomix®. Whether it's the Thermomix® or the alternative devices - you'll never get stuck in the kitchen!

The Thermomix® comparison device: Krups Prep&Cook

This food processor can stew, steam cook, knead, mix, chop and much more. It has six automatic programs that allow you to prepare meals every day at the touch of a button. There is also a manual mode, thanks to which you can create your own recipes. You can flexibly set the time, temperature and speed. When the food is ready, the keep-warm function is automatically switched on. In addition, the Thermomix® alternative is characterized by a large bowl, thanks to which meals can be prepared for up to six people at once. Due to the Bluetooth connection, automatic transmission of the cooking parameters is possible. You will also be notified on your smartphone or tablet as soon as the cooking process is finished.

Similar to the Thermomix®: The Kenwood Cooking Chef

The possible uses of this kitchen appliance from the manufacturer Kenwood are very extensive. While you can slowly melt chocolate or let dough rise at 20 °C, the maximum temperature of 180 °C makes it easy to prepare meat and fish. In addition to the individual setting options, the kitchen appliance has 24 preset programs. The LCD display is easy to use. To ensure that the dish is ready exactly when you need it, there is an adjustable timer from 5 seconds to 3 hours.

The Cookit from Bosch: A Thermomix® comparison device with a large capacity and precise chopper

The Bosch model is not exactly one of the cheap alternatives. It features an extra large pot and display. The high temperatures that can be achieved are remarkable. They are perfect for a spicy, quick sear. There are 200 recipes hidden in the device's memory. If you like, you can download more via the app. The approximately 130 cm long cable is very practical, thanks to which the kitchen appliance can be placed almost anywhere in the kitchen. There is a wide range of accessories for the food processor.

The Thermomix® and a comparable device: KitchenAid for help in the kitchen

The Thermomix® or would you prefer an alternative? This question also arises with the KitchenAid appliance, which is comparable to the Thermomix®. From making asparagus cream soup to chopping meat into meat, this device can do a lot. However, cooking is made a bit more difficult as there is no built-in scale. This means that the ingredients cannot be weighed. A big advantage is that KitchenAid's multifunctional model can keep food warm.

The alternative to Thermomix® in the low-price sector: Medion

Small in price but impressive: the Medion is also a device comparable to the Thermomix®. This food processor weighs around 5.8 kg and has an output of 500 to 1,000 watts. It has 11 operating levels and switches off automatically. Overheating protection protects the device from damage. Thanks to dry boil protection, nothing can burn. As with the other Thermomix® alternatives, you can fry, cut, stir and do much more with the food processor. The recipe book contains various recipe ideas for every occasion and every taste.

Last but not least: The Thermomix® alternative Monsieur Cuisine Connect

The Monsieur Cuisine Connect is a Thermomix® alternative available from Lidl. The 7-inch touch display can be operated intuitively. Navigating through the menu is easy. Since various work steps are combined with each other, you save a significant amount of time. The recipe app is constantly updated. To use the full range of the device, you access the Wi-Fi function of the food processor. Downloading additional recipes will begin immediately.

The Thermomix® or an alternative? Your preferences decide!

Thermomix® and Co. are powerful kitchen appliances that are designed to make cooking easier. Only you can decide which one should be for you. To do this, it is advisable to be clear about your personal preferences. In this way, you make a purchase decision that best suits your living circumstances and requirements. If you choose the original Thermomix®, then take a look at our range of accessories. From practical Thermomix® gliding boards to screen protectors, we carry numerous items that make cooking even more fun. Browse around the Wundermix online shop to get inspired! The Wundermix team wishes you a lot of fun in the kitchen!

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