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The Thermomix® has been a loyal and innovative helper in the kitchen for many years. It can handle pretty much any recipe and the dishes created with this all-rounder are always delicious. In conjunction with matching Thermomix® cookbooks or the Cook Key, the device from Vorwerk awakens hidden culinary passions even in many people who don't like cooking. Now there is the children's Thermomix® TM5. This is similar to the original in a number of ways and is more than just a toy. The Thermomix® for children, like the large original, is helpful with many recipes. With the Thermomix® for children, you can introduce your little ones to the topic of cooking in a playful way. Is it never too early for that? After all, cooking can be fun for the little ones too!

What can the Thermomix do for children?

The Thermomix® for children is, on the one hand, a robust toy that is just as high-quality as the large original and, on the other hand, a kitchen appliance that even the youngest hobby chefs can use to support mom and dad in the kitchen. But which recipes can be made with the Thermomix® for children? How about a delicious milkshake or a muffin batter with guaranteed success? The battery-operated Thermomix® is fun for the whole family. Small children try out their first recipes together with their parents and, for example, prepare a dough mix that later becomes a moist cake in the oven. There is hardly anything better for children than imitating their own parents. With the Thermomix® for children, cooking becomes a family experience.

Structure and features of the children's thermomix at a glance

Simple recipes can be quickly implemented with the Kinder Thermomix®. This is due to the features of the Thermomix® for children. This is equipped with a mixing bowl, an LCD display and even a Varoma attachment. The LCD display even makes it possible to view recipes step-by-step. These recipes are so simple that even small children can make them with a little help from their parents. The Thermomix® for your children or as a gift for the children of relatives or friends combines many things. On the one hand, it is of course an exciting toy, but on the other hand, it is also a functional kitchen appliance that helps even small children learn how to handle food correctly.
Like the large Thermomix® TM5 and TM6, the mixing bowl of the Thermomix® for children can be removed for easier cleaning. This means the toy is quickly clean again and can be safely stored in the children's room. It doesn't matter where the small children's Thermomix® is used because the device is battery-operated.

Solo cooking adventure for kids — dangerous or a good learning experience?

Are small children allowed to play alone with the Thermomix® for children? Absolutely, as the toy does not contain any sharp knives or develop high temperatures like the original. However, things are different when recipes are actually intended to be prepared for children using the TM5. Since the Thermomix® for children is only equipped with a stirring function, other kitchen appliances are required, such as an oven, to complete a recipe. It is advisable that an adult always watches over and pays attention to the child. This also gives you the opportunity to make cooking together particularly educational. The Thermomix® for children represents an early introduction to the fascination of cooking and baking. A child is never too young to learn the first basic techniques. After all, anyone who wants to become a master should practice early.
Due to the amazing similarity to the original, the Thermomix® makes a perfect gift for children. Maybe mom and dad will give themselves a Thermomix®? Then it makes sense to give the little ones the children's counterpart. So there is great joy in the entire family.

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