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Rice is one of the most important ingredients in the home kitchen. No other staple food plays such an important role worldwide as rice. Water, a little salt and of course rice, that's all you need to prepare it. It is precisely because of its simplicity that rice is so diverse. Cooking rice in the Thermomix® saves you a lot of time and saves you having to stir. The device does this for you.

Can you cook rice with the Thermomix®?

Every Thermomix® can cook rice and the TM6 is even equipped with a special level for the gentle preparation of different types of grain. How you prepare your rice, with some vegetables, a tablespoon of tomato paste for an intense color or a tablespoon of olive oil, is up to you.

How long does rice cook in the Thermomix®?

With its special program, the kitchen all-rounder ensures that rice dishes for the Thermomix® are always perfect. Depending on the type of rice used, preparation takes between eight and fifteen minutes. Wild rice with the husk naturally takes a little longer to cook in the mixing bowl than parboiled rice, where you can say “bon appetit” after just a few minutes. When cooking rice in the Thermomix®, the device does most of the work, but it is still worth gaining experience. This way you guarantee that your rice always tastes exactly the way you like it.

How do I cook rice in the Thermomix®?

1. For each cup of rice, add two cups of water to the Thermomix®

2. Select the “Cook rice” level in the Thermomix®

3. Set the time according to the instructions on the package

4. After a few minutes your rice will be perfectly cooked

The "Cook rice" mode of the Thermomix® TM6

The TM6 is the first Thermomix® to be equipped with a special mode for rice dishes in the Thermomix®. Of course, other models are also capable of this, but with the TM6 you can prepare rice using the swelling method for the first time. The important nutrients remain in the rice and the dish tastes more intense. The advantage of this mode is that a delicious recipe can also be made with millet or, for example, bulgur. With this mode, you can easily take a culinary trip to the country of your choice when cooking rice in the Thermomix®.

The perfect rice dishes for the Thermomix®

Many Asian recipes have now become commonplace in the local kitchen. Rice dishes in the Thermomix® are so much fun because there are practically endless options for you to try out. Customize your dish by choosing a specific meat or adding vegetable broth to the rice while cooking. Since the grain is the star when cooking rice in the Thermomix®, you can conjure up vegetarian versions for a main dish in no time. You have a lot of flexibility when it comes to quantity thanks to the generous mixing bowl. It's best to use a measuring cup so that every portion is perfect.

Thai fried rice

You probably already have a good recipe for this classic. The Thermomix® supports you effectively in preparation and takes a lot of work off your hands.

Djuvec Rice

If you have ever been to the Balkans, then you are probably familiar with this delicious side dish. The tasty tomato rice should not be missing from any dish and if you use your Thermomix® to cook rice, you are guaranteed to master this dish.

Sushi rice

With sushi, the rice has to be perfect, otherwise the little rolls won't turn out well and will fall apart before they end up in your mouth. When cooking rice in the Thermomix®, the special sushi rice sticks just right and helps you prepare Japanese delicacies.

Rice with a difference

An alternative to the well-known rice dishes are the sweet versions. Even rice pudding or the base for tasty rice casserole are not a big task when cooking rice in the Thermomix®.

Whether rice in the Thermomix® or other dishes - Wundermix supports you in the kitchen experience!

Take a look around Wundermix and let yourself be inspired by the practical accessories and creative recipe books . Wundermix is ​​the perfect partner if you want to experience your Thermomix® at its best.

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