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No other food processor in the world enjoys such a good reputation as the Thermomix®. The innovative device with app connection, the original Thermomix®, has a high price that is justified by an impressive collection of practical functions. If you want to significantly raise the culinary level in your home kitchen and work even faster and more effectively, then the Vorwerk food processor is the right choice. But if the price gives you some pause, then you might think about a Thermomix® alternative. One of these is even available at Lidl in the form of the Monsieur Cuisine Connect. Wundermix has put both devices to the test for you and pitted them against each other in a duel between Thermomix® and Monsieur Cuisine.

Thermomix® vs Monsieur Cuisine: The exchange of blows

Vorwerk is a traditional company as it is written in the book. The manufacturer from Wuppertal has been established in Germany and Europe for many decades. The Thermomix®, probably the best-known device in the range, saw the light of day in 1961. So it is not surprising that some families have been committed to the original for several generations. The multifunctional food processor has been carefully, but also emphatically, improved over time. The result is the TM6, which combines all the advantages of all previous Thermomix® and improves it by many more. The Monsieur Cuisine Connect clearly shows that it is inspired by the functions of the original device. Since this device is relatively new on the market, its performance is yet to be seen over the years.

What the Thermomix® can do

The big draw of the Thermomix® is its many functions. The device can heat, cook, stir, chop and recently even fry meat or vegetables. There is also the practical integrated scale, which weighs exactly to the gram. The heating element of the Thermomix® is just as precise as the scale. This can be adjusted to a precise degree. You even have the option of making your own yogurt using fermentation. Another practical addition to the Thermomix® is the Varoma, which has been an important component for several generations of devices. The steamer attachment significantly expands the performance range of the all-rounder. In the Thermomix® vs Monsieur Cuisine Connect comparison, the device from Vorwerk is more expensive, but it is clear that it still offers you good value for money.

The Monsieur Cuisine: a suitable equivalent?

For the surprisingly low price, Monsieur Cuisine has a lot to offer. It has an adjustable anti-clockwise rotation for gentle stirring, it can also steam cook and even guides you when cooking via an internet connection. A scale is also integrated. In many respects, when comparing Thermomix® vs Monsieur Cuisine, the inexpensive all-purpose device is an alternative. It cannot replace the original. In terms of power, precision and workmanship, the Thermomix® plays in a different league. Nevertheless, the inexpensive version can definitely become an important tool in your kitchen. Ask yourself what you want to use your device for and how often.

Match-Up in the kitchen - where Thermomix® and Monsieur Cuisine each score points

When Lidl's device competes against the classic from Vorwerk, or when Thermomix® competes against Monsieur Cuisine Connect, then it's a heavyweight competing against a newcomer. That doesn't have to mean anything at the beginning, after all you might be convinced by the functions and data of the alternative. Not only does the Thermomix® have a WLAN interface, Cuisine Connect also accesses the home network. But when it comes to a good food processor, it's not just the "what" that matters, but also the "how". Vorwerk's digital cookbook has been growing for years, even decades. Nowhere else will you find such an extensive range of recipes that are tailored precisely to your food processor. As a food processor, the Thermomix® clearly shows itself to be the variant that appeals to you as a daily user. If you want the Thermomix® to be the center of your kitchen when cooking, then you quickly decide on the original. However, if you want to have access to a versatile helper for some recipes every now and then, the Lidl device may be the right choice for you.

Thermomix® or Monsieur Cuisine: You decide and no one else

The duel Thermomix® vs Monsieur Cuisine is certainly an exciting one. Ultimately, both devices have arguments that can certainly persuade you to buy them. Which device ultimately convinces you is entirely up to you. An alternative sometimes does something similar to the original. How you implement a recipe in your home kitchen is determined by your preferences. When buying an all-purpose food processor, consider how future-proof your investment should be, especially with regard to a high purchase price. The Thermomix® has been around for many decades. You can also see this advantage in the innovative accessories from Wundermix. There is no such thing for the Lidl device.

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