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Since the introduction of the first Thermomix®, the multifunctional food processor has stood for modern and innovative cooking. Vorwerk integrates modern technology to increase the fun in the kitchen with the device. How modern cooking can be is shown by the integration of the Internet into the Thermomix® TM5 and TM6. The Thermomix® and WiFi form an inspiring and enriching connection, which, among other things, ensures that you always have the right recipe to hand at the right time. The WLAN modules installed in the Thermomix® from Vorwerk are fast and reliable, so that you can integrate the device into your modern everyday life in the best possible way. A WiFi connection opens up completely different worlds for a new Thermomix®. The guided cooking function, for example, supports even a kitchen novice in preparing tasty, professional-quality dishes.

The Thermomix & WiFi — modern kitchen experiences with modern technology

Maybe you've heard of Cook-Key, or the ability to access a recipe directly from the Thermomix®? The Thermomix® TM5 and the Thermomix® TM6 both have WiFi. It has never been so easy to find recipes on the Internet and use them directly. Using guided cooking, the device shows you what to do. This means that even complex recipes are successful on the first try.

Does the Thermomix need WiFi?

Of course, the Thermomix® does not rely on the Internet or a connection to the home network. Even without its innovative function, the all-rounder is complete and enables exactly the applications for which enthusiastic fans have valued the device for several decades.

How do I connect the Thermomix to WiFi?

If you connect the Thermomix® to the WiFi, there are slight differences between the TM5 and the TM6. The newer device, the TM6, automatically connects to the home network. This means that you simply select your network in the menu and enter the associated password. With the TM5 you simply use your cook key to connect to the Internet. If you are doing this for the first time, it is better to make sure that you have already activated the Cook key with the serial number. Then attach the Cook Key to the Thermomix like a recipe chip and wait until you are offered an update. Install this and wait for the cook key icon. If you click on this, you can connect your Vorwerk food processor to the internet in the next step.

How the Thermomix uses WiFi – functions and features

The Thermomix® with WLAN uses the Internet primarily in conjunction with the cook key and the recipe chips. The Cook Key can be understood as a subscription to the large database of Thermomix® recipes. You can choose a dish with just one click. The nice thing is that the Thermomix® even guides you step-by-step through the individual preparation steps. The device itself also makes all the settings to complete the dish to perfection. If you are less interested in the cook key than in individual recipes, all you need to do is attach a recipe chip to the Thermomix®. This recognizes the chip and then retrieves all the required data from the Internet. The classic from Vorwerk supports you in cooking in an innovative way.

If the network is gone: use the Thermomix without WiFi

Do you currently have no internet at home or are you generally foregoing it? This is no problem at all with the Thermomix®. The connection to the Internet is just an extension of the device's comprehensive repertoire. All of the functions needed to prepare delicious dishes also work without an Internet connection. So you are free to use the app and the extended functions that the Cook Key offers, for example, or not. Simply mix up your own recipes with new ideas from the internet as you please.

Whether online or offline - you can also get recipes from Wundermix!

The Thermomix® with WiFi represents a consistent further development of the classic. But of course cooking and baking is also possible with a Thermomix® without WiFi. Just take a look at Wundermix. There you will not only find a variety of interesting and tried-and-tested recipes for your device online, but also our Thermomix® cookbooks, which don't mind if the internet doesn't go the way you want one day. Whether with WiFi and guided cooking functions or not, the device from Vorwerk is always an asset for your kitchen. Find your new favorite recipes and many practical tools at Wundermix with which you can add some practical elements to both the Thermomix® with WiFi and the Thermomix® without WiFi.

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