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Steam cooking with Monsieur Cuisine - instructions

Cooking with steam is particularly quick in Monsieur Cuisine. Follow the steps below carefully and you will get first-class results from your device.

  1. When steaming with Monsieur Cuisine, choose one of the following liquids: water, stock, or white wine. The latter is a real insider tip if you want to prepare fish and seafood with that certain something.
  1. Once you have filled in a liter of liquid, put the deep steamer container on top.
  1. Now put your ingredients in the container of your Monsieur Cuisine Connect and close the lid. Check again whether, for example, the vegetables are cut into pieces of the same size so that everything cooks at the same time.
  1. Now select the steam cooking function and press the start button.
  1. The program starts after a 10-minute warm-up time. Note that steam escaping from the lid can be very hot.

Silicone casserole dish and permanent baking foil sets for Monsieur Cuisine

Silicone casserole dishes have all the properties needed to achieve the best possible results with every recipe. They withstand high temperatures, are flexible, robust, prevent sticking and adapt perfectly to your Monsieur Cuisine Plus or other device. Just like the permanent baking foil sets, they are sustainable and will give you many years of cooking or baking pleasure. Warm water is usually sufficient for cleaning.

Steam cooking is best done with the Monsieur Cuisine - thanks to Wundermix's own creations

With the Monsieur Cuisine Connect, steam cooking is child's play. But if you want to reach a completely different level when preparing the most delicious recipes, it's worth taking a look at Wundermix's versatile own creations. A recipe calendar, for example, gives you excellent daily tips on how to get the most out of your practical kitchen helper. Take a look around the shop, get an overview and be inspired by the versatile and well-thought-out products.

Our WunderCups®

The WunderCups® give you a completely new baking experience at a low price. Use them to steam muffins. The result is surprisingly airy and light. Of course, you can also use the WunderCups® to ferment yogurt or to poach eggs.

WunderGar®? Perfect for cooking!

WunderGar® is the ideal addition to steam cooking. The perfectly cut paper prevents sticking and makes cleaning much easier.

Make steam with the WunderSteam®

WunderSteam® is a practical small steam chimney that ensures that even larger quantities of vegetables are cooked quickly and evenly. The steam circulates and ensures that hot steam reaches every corner of your steamer attachment.

Wundermix — for kitchen machines like Monsieur Cuisine & Thermomix®

Wundermix is ​​the ideal addition to your kitchen appliance. No matter whether you are looking for special ingredients or want to search for new recipes, you will find what you are looking for here. We not only offer Monsieur Cuisine Connect accessories , but also strong support for the Thermomix® in the form of Thermomix® recipes and Thermomix® recipe books as well as our own equipment such as accessories for the Varoma of the Thermomix® and the Thermomix® spatula . Take a look around and see for yourself!

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