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Cook it — with the Bosch Cookit accessories!

Pureeing, pulverizing, frying and fermenting - the all-rounder from Bosch is ready for immediate use. However, Wundermix has managed to make your kitchen appliance even better. With one or two spare parts and of course the tried and tested Bosch Cookit accessories, your dishes will be even more delicate and finer in the future. With a practical silicone mold whose structure is precisely adapted to the Cookit, you will be able to try out new recipes more easily in the future and also think about the future. With your Cookit accessories, cleaning after your culinary adventures is even easier and therefore more ecological.

Bosch Cookit — it can do a lot. Even more with our accessories.

The previously mentioned Cookit display really deserves first-class display protection. Luckily, you can find one in the Bosch Cookit accessories from Wundermix. You can attach this in just a few steps and ensure that the control and command center of your Cookit is protected from knocks, scratches or breaks. It is always recommended to protect the display, as it should respond quickly to input even after many culinary explorations.

If you have protected the glass of your Cookit with the innovative shock protection against accidental blows or slipping with the knife and you want to devote yourself to steam cooking, it is best to use the perfectly fitting silicone baking dish. This makes cooking faster, cleaner and more effective. However, if you don't want the ingredients to mix with each other, just try using the cooking space dividers for the Bosch Cookit. These help you cook the prepared ingredients at the same time, but spatially separated from each other. This saves time and energy and since you have the choice between halving and quartering inserts, you can let your culinary imagination run wild.

Wundermix: suitable accessories for Bosch Cookit and more

If you would like to reach your goal faster when cooking with the Bosch Cookit thanks to the steamer divider halves or the silicone casserole dish, take advantage of the offer and order the accessories that you are currently missing to perfect your kitchen experience with the Cookit. From a sum of 39 €, shipping is free on your next purchase and if you are not completely satisfied with an accessory, you can send it back to us free of charge after receipt. If you are still lacking not only the right accessories, but also the ideas for your new Bosch device, you will also find what you are looking for at Wundermix. Take a look at the tried and tested recipes and it won't take long until you come up with your own ideas for the Bosch Cookit.

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