Steam vegetables and cook to protect vitamins

Gemüse dämpfen und vitaminschonend garen - Wundermix GmbH

Are you also big fans of steaming your vegetables in the Thermomix? We'll show you how proper steam cooking actually works. It's very simple: The food is placed over boiling water in a container with holes, such as the Varoma. The rising steam envelops the food and cooks it gently. Thanks to this method, the valuable vitamins are not washed out and hardly any fat or salt is needed as flavor carriers, as the aromas are also preserved. Healthy and low-calorie steam cooking is wonderfully easy and, thanks to the many steamer recipes, wonderfully varied.

A little tip from us:

If you want your food to be even more aromatic, you can add some broth or wine to the water. Or you can add fresh herbs to your food. They give off a lot of aroma thanks to the water vapor.

It's all a question of optics

It's not for nothing that there is the saying “the eye eats with you” . Shriveled sugar snap peas, sadly drooping broccoli florets and pale orange carrots don't necessarily make you want to bite into your vegetables with pleasure. Cooking vegetables, fish and meat in the Thermomix, steamer, steam oven or in the tried and tested pressure cooker not only preserves their aromas, but also the shape and color of the food. But don't just use the water to evaporate, but also cook your potatoes, pasta or rice in it at the same time. This way you can do two steps at once and have more time for the beautiful things in life: eating, for example.

Use the space in the steamer correctly

The good thing about vegetables is that there is no such thing as too much of them! Lots of vitamins, rich in fiber and hardly any calories. That's how we love it. But there is a small disadvantage with steam cooking. It is important here that the food is not packed too tightly so that the steam can circulate sufficiently. Otherwise, the bottom vegetables are already mushy while the top ones are still raw.

The optimal solution - our WunderSteam

To solve the problem, we invented our WunderSteam . It is a steamer chimney for the Thermomix and for all kitchen machines with a cooking attachment. You can use it to steam large quantities of vegetables in the Varoma , because thanks to its chimney function, the steam is directed upwards and the remaining slots no longer have to remain free. From now on you can stack up to the lid. And the second best thing about it: the cooking time doesn't change because enough steam gets to where it's needed. Feel free to experiment with quantities and time when steaming – you can hardly go wrong.

No idea which vegetables you can steam?

No problem, because we'll tell you which vegetables are perfect for steaming: Vegetables such as carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, peppers, zucchini or even eggplant are ideal. Steaming asparagus in particular is a taste experience. The sticks remain wonderfully crunchy and beautifully aromatic. But it's not just vegetables that can be steamed, you can also use the steam to cook dough, meat and fish. Steamed fish, for example, becomes particularly tender and juicy in the Varoma. By the way, we like to use the WunderSteam to steam dim sums or gyozas. But unfortunately the dumplings have a large surface area, which means the slits are quickly covered. Thanks to the WunderSteam, we no longer have this problem and can simply build the little delicacies around our steam fireplace.

A final enjoyment tip from the Wundermix team:

Now we've been so busy with steam cooking that we've immediately become hungry. That's why we're preparing our delicious yeast dumplings with vanilla sauce from Varoma . Because thanks to the WunderSteam we can now be happy when the dumplings open all over the area.

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