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Der ThermoSlider® von Wundermix - Wundermix GmbH

Our sliding boards for your Thermomix®: The ThermoSlider®

With the Thermomix® you can easily create delicious dishes. Whether TM5 or another model: Due to its high quality and versatile uses, the Thermomix® comes with a certain weight. The generous format can also make it difficult to use in everyday kitchen life. Do you feel the same way? Are you looking for a practical way to make using your kitchen appliance safer and easier? Then the ThermoSlider®, our Thermomix® board, is the solution for you. This is a sliding board on which you place your Thermomix®. Thanks to the Thermomix® glider, you benefit from maximum flexibility and at the same time protect sensitive scales or surfaces. Of course, you can still use the Thermomix® to its full extent despite the sliding board.

Your Thermomix® sliding board - suitable for every Thermomix®

The Thermomix® sliding board is available for the TM5, TM6 and TM31 and in different versions: made of wood or solid surface material. If you choose the gliding board made of solid surface material, you benefit from a wide variety of colors. From an upbeat bright tone to a neutral black, the glider is available in a variety of popular colors. With the ThermoSlider® made of wood, you can choose between three wood colors: from dark to light. A decorative grain is clearly visible in all of them. Thanks to this variety of products, you can choose the sliding board that suits your kitchen.

For optimal support and maximum flexibility

The ThermoSlider® is a smart sliding board for the Thermomix®, which has an ergonomically designed recessed grip. She sits at the front of the glider. This way you can lift it very easily and safely. Per se, the ThermoSlider® is not just a Thermomix® roller board, as the ThermoSlider® has high-quality sliding soles on the underside of the board instead of wheels and can therefore be used gently and silently. This means you can move the Thermomix® without any difficulty. On the other hand, the rubber stoppers guarantee you a firm stand. You can therefore select a recipe in which the Thermomix® runs at the highest mixing level.

Use the ThermoSlider® for efficient preparation

The Thermomix® is there to prepare delicious meals particularly easily and conveniently. So you save time. You can save even more time and effort when cooking if you use the ThermoSlider® to slide the Thermomix® over the worktop quickly and in a controlled manner. This means you can concentrate entirely on preparing your food. Perfect! In addition, the gliding board does not require you to do any significant work. It is very thoughtfully designed, which means you can clean it quickly and effortlessly when necessary. You can remove stains with a damp cloth - regardless of the product's design.

Miracle mix - for you and your ThermoSlider®

What do you think: Would you also like to cook even more comfortably with the Thermomix®? Are you looking for an accessory for your kitchen that will take your cooking experience to the next level? Then simplify your kitchen work with the practical sliding board. This means you can easily move the Thermomix® in the future. Order our high-quality gliding board today and take a look at the other product range! If you have any questions, the Wundermix team is there for you.

The Wundermix team wishes you a lot of fun in the kitchen!

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