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Why only surprise your loved one on Valentine's Day? I used to shy away, even be afraid, of the idea of ​​inviting my partner to a candlelight dinner. Too much can go wrong, too much work. Then it's better to go straight to a restaurant. But stop! Since I have the Thermomix ® , my little romantic helper, at my side, everything is no longer a problem. Here are my 6 tips for the perfect dinner for two:

1. The menu selection

Starter, main course, dessert. Choose meals that you feel confident about, you know that the other person will like them and that can be prepared relatively well. There's nothing more stupid than having to constantly run away while you're eating. How about tarte flambée and chocolate mousse ?

2. Candles, candles, candles

What would a candlelight dinner be without the appropriate lighting? We all always look our best in candlelight.

3. The music

What you both like is allowed. In the best case scenario, there will be subtle background music so that you can still have a conversation.

4. The drink

Put a carafe of water on the table so you don't have to jump up all the time. Well, otherwise it's clear what goes with it: a nice glass of wine.

5. The decoration

Less is more. White tablecloths, beautifully folded napkins. The candles do the rest. You are the focus, not the decoration.

6. The dress code

Stay away from sweatpants and feel-good sweaters. Present yourself and tell your partner that too. This is about celebrating this evening. Just something different than the usual DVD evening.


I wish you lots of fun and togetherness

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