MIXX magazine - issue 03/2024 (March/April)

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Everything at a glance
In our overview you will find all of our recipes at a glance

Product news
In this category we present our highlights of the month

Fresh from the market
Here we show you the best recipes with our seasonal favorite mushroom

happy Easter
Unique recipes for Easter brunch

Spring cuisine
Fresh, crunchy, aromatic – finally spring again!

Simply make every bread better

Family kitchen
Classic recipes for the whole family

Cindy's street food
Treats from street food festivals are now easy to make from the Thermomix

Easter breads
Homemade still tastes best

Oriental cuisine
Bring 1001 Nights home

Fix without fix
Quick, uncomplicated, delicious: Sandra Franitza's fix-no-fix dishes

Baking school
Tempting vanilla brioche

Cloudy Bakery
Pizza with a difference: creative, crispy, delicious!

Eggnog special
The best comes last: first, some eggnog!