WunderWash® Disc | Dishwasher Knife Holder for Monsieur Cuisine Connect, Trend, Smart, Edition Plus


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What could be better than dishwasher-safe kitchen utensils. Simply put everything in the machine after baking or cooking and the kitchen looks like it did before. What is not so practical, however, are kitchen utensils that, due to their shape, seem not to have been made for the baskets of the dishwasher - for example, the knife of the Monsieur Cuisine. It's too big for the cutlery basket, and in the dishwasher basket, the knives can slip through the grids and get caught in the spray arm. That's annoying!
That's why we had the WunderWash Disc developed. The mixing knife is simply inserted into the disc, which is then placed between the dishwashing bars for the plates.
However, the WunderWash Disc is not only there for the mixing knife to find a fixed place in the dishwasher. Because it is inserted horizontally into the disc, it can be cleaned particularly thoroughly. The water gets ideally between the knife and the sealing rings and simply rinses out dough, sauce and the like.
If you like this new order, you will probably love the combination with our WunderWash. This is our dishwasher lid holder for the mixing bowl. Never again will you have to squeeze the delicate silicone seal of the mixing bowl lid between the rinse bars, and the upright position allows the dirty rinse water to drain away without collecting in the grooves.
Good to know: Time and time again, you hear that the blender blade should not be cleaned in the dishwasher because the blades could become dull. 
Unlike conventional knives, the blades of the blender knife are not sharp when new.
The material to be mixed is chopped exclusively with the help of high force and enormous speed and not, as often mistakenly assumed, cut by sharpness. 
True to the motto: "What is already blunt can no longer become blunt", the blender blade can therefore be cleaned in the dishwasher with a clear conscience without impairing the function or longevity of the blades.
  • Best cleaning results of the blender blade in the dishwasher
  • Provides the blender blade with a fixed place and safe stand in the dishwasher
  • Compatible for the blender blade of the XXX models
  • Fits all dishwasher models
  • Ideal complement to the WunderWash, the lid holder for the dishwasher