WunderGar® - Steam cooking paper for Monsieur Cuisine shelves


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WUNDERGAR® is the ideal cooking paper for the Monsieur Cuisine. It fits like a glove into the steamer baskeet. Its side recesses leave the steam slots free and ensure perfect steam circulation, while its raised side walls prevent liquids from overflowing. Thanks to its special coating, you can do without additional greasing, which guarantees a low-calorie preparation of your food.

Content: 24 papers


  • Exactly tailored for the steamer basket of the Monsieur Cuisine Connect and Edition +
  • Easy handling without annoying cutting to size
  • High rim protects against spillage of liquids
  • Steam slots remain free for optimum steam circulation for uniform cooking


  • Prevents soaking and facilitates the cleaning of the steamer basket
  • Non-stick effect even without additional greasing for a low-calorie preparation
  • Environmentally friendly production process: natural brown unbleached
  • Highest quality "Made in Germany"


Video: Presentation of WunderGar at automatisch-kochen.de

Video: WunderGar in use at elegant-kochen.de
(All in one dish with salmon - low fat from the Thermomix)