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Aromatic coffee brewing with the Thermomix

Until now, brewing coffee in the food processor was unfortunately not possible. A shortcoming that we couldn't accept! That's why our Wundermix developers have been diligently tinkering, testing and designing over the last few weeks and months. With a sensational result: WunderBrew - the Wundermix coffee brewing insert for Thermomix.

Making coffee in the Thermomix: The unique brewing process from WunderBrew

With WunderBrew, the popular hot drink can be prepared quickly and easily in the Thermomix in the future. This means that even larger quantities of coffee can be served in no time and, if necessary, kept warm for a longer period of time.

How does making coffee work in the Thermomix?

With the special brewing method of the WunderBrew, a whirlpool of water is created in the Thermomix by rotating the mixing blade. This vortex pushes the water upwards through three openings into the base part of the coffee brewing insert. It then drips through three metal sieves onto the coffee powder underneath. At the same time, a negative pressure is created in the mixing bowl. This creates a suction effect, which in turn pulls the water through the coffee powder.
This process is repeated continuously to optimally extract the coffee powder.

WunderBrew is an absolute must-have for Thermomix owners

Households that are only equipped with a portafilter machine or a small kitchen are particularly familiar with the problem: Where is the coffee for more than 2 guests supposed to come from?
The choice between hours of work or instant coffee... not exactly inviting.
Campers who are traveling in a caravan and already have the Thermomix on board also use instant coffee more often than lugging around another machine.
Good thing that's now a thing of the past! With the WunderBrew coffee brewing insert from Wundermix, wonderfully aromatic coffee can be brewed in the Thermomix in the future, whether at home or on the go.

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