KochFix Invisible sliding board alternative for Thermomix TM6, TM5

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ORDER IN THE KITCHEN: With the help of the sliding board alternative, your Thermomix TM6 / TM5 can be effortlessly moved back and forth on the worktop. Simply lift it slightly and the food processor can be stowed away quickly and easily while protecting the highly sensitive scales.

INVISIBLE & HYGIENIC: This “mini gliding board” offers the perfect alternative to large, visible rolling boards. By being hidden on the Thermomix underside, the glider is completely invisible and can therefore hardly get dirty

SAFE MOVING: The glider ensures easy and safe movement on the worktop. Since the slider is extra wide at 10.5 cm, the Thermomix cannot tip to the side when moved

CLEVER DESIGN: The sliding board is made of sturdy plastic with easy-gliding Teflon gliders. Unlike conventional sliding boards, ours fits seamlessly into the unique design of the Thermomix

MADE IN GERMANY: This product was developed, designed, tested and manufactured in Germany. Our aim is to make cooking with the Thermomix even easier with well thought-out and tailor-made tools