TopfTwister® | Opening aid for the mixing bowl bottom | Bottom twister for Thermomix TM6, TM5, TM31


[ Thermomix TM5 Thermomix TM31
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Disassembling the mixing bowl of the Thermomix for cleaning is child's play - at least that's what you would think.

In fact, for many Thermomix cooks, unlocking the mixing bowl base is a major challenge that must be mastered on a daily basis.

Every Thermomix owner knows that dirt residues also regularly build up in places under the mixing bowl base, which can only be reached after the foot has been removed.

But how can the sluggish closing mechanism be unlocked if one is also affected by gout, tendovaginitis, carpal tunnel syndrome or arthrosis, or simply cannot muster the necessary strength to open it?

The TopfTwister from Wundermix offers the convenient solution!


  • Enables easy disassembly of the mixing bowl even for persons with impairments 
  • Compatible with the mixing bowl of the TM6/TM5/TM31
  • Siliconized underside prevents slipping away
  • Made in Germany


  1. Place the mixing bowl on the TopfTwister so that the mixing bowl handle is centered between the locking fork.
  2. Now fix the TopfTwister handle on the work surface with one hand and turn the mixing bowl handle counterclockwise according to the marking.
  3. As soon as the mixing bowl handle reaches the stopper rod, the individual parts of the mixing bowl can be removed.

Carry out the steps in reverse order to reassemble the mixing bowl.