TeigTwister® | Plastic dough dissolver for TM6, TM5, TM31


[ Thermomix TM5 Thermomix TM31
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Color: green
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With the blade rotation aid for the TM6/TM5/TM31 from Wundermix, dough can be effortlessly removed from the mixing bowl of the Thermomix.

The TeigTwister fits perfectly in the hand and supports the release of heavy and sticky dough: simply place the TeigTwister at the bottom of the blade of the upside-down blender jar, then turn it a few times until the dough falls out of the mixing bowl.

Length: 43 mm
Diameter: 32 mm
Weight: 16 g

Highest quality "Made in Germany" - manufactured in a regional craftsman's workshop in Bavaria.