Recipes with Heart Special "Family Cuisine" (01/2022) | "Easy & Delicious from the Thermomix".

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Enough feasting - that's the unanimous opinion after the culinary lavish weeks of December. But we're not giving up on delicious food just yet! Rather, we now like to mix something light, which is nevertheless delicious and warms us on the cold winter days.

The creative ideas that our "Recipes with Heart" team has developed for you and your families in this issue fulfill both: You make your family and guests happy with a good dinner, because they appreciate that you spend more time with them at the table than in the kitchen. That's exactly why we developed our Meal Prep recipes.

And: We asked our offspring what they would most like to eat.
We can only reveal this much:
Banana waffles with blood orange skyr are a big hit!

We wish you bon appétit!