monsieur cuisine by mein ZauberTopf Christmas SPECIAL - Issue 02/2023

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Hint: This issue is written in german language.

FULL COOKIE JARS: This is how stress-free you can make hundreds of crispy Christmas cookies in just one day - thanks to the easy dough preparation in the Monsieur.
SIMPLE WOW: We show you how to make the best gourmet desserts in a jar with your Monsieur - with "Giotto", Spekulatius or Vanillekipferl.
IN TREND: With the help of Monsieur, fragrant hot drinks such as apple punch with cinnamon cream, hot "Aperol" and amaretto mulled wine are easy to mix yourself at home.
Order the big special edition of monsieur cuisine by ZauberMix-SPEZIAL 02/23 right here!


  • CAKES FROM HEAVEN: Prepare sheet cakes, cheesecakes and tarts with gingerbread and speculoos with monsieur - enjoy the pre-Christmas season!
  • FAST: You can prepare these express cookies in the Monsieur at the very last minute. 

  • APPLE LOVE: The winter fruit shows its sweet side in Advent - festive and irresistible!

  • FULL Cookie Tins: With our 3 baking plans you can fill your cookie tins, conjure up gifts for your loved ones or everything for the Advent coffee in just one day.

  • SMARTE TIPS: With this you get everything out of your Monsieur when baking