Monsieur Cuisine by ZauberMix 05/2023

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Enjoy autumn with 67 feel-good recipes for your monsieur that are effortless and super delicious!

OVEN LOVE: Fancy macaroni, pork fillet in cream sauce and pizza quiche at the end of the day? It's so easy to prepare your new favorite recipes with the Monsieur.
SIMPLY SENSATIONAL: We'll show you how you can make the best basics for a burger night with your monsieur: soft buns, juicy patties, spicy sauces and side dishes that all guests will enjoy
PASTA FUN: No more mud in the pot! We'll give you the most important tips on how you can easily make pasta, tortellini or gnocchi with the help of Monsieur.

Get the new issue of Monsieur Cuisine by ZauberMix now or conveniently download the magazine as a PDF!

  • COMFORT FOOD: Prepare the most popular comfort foods in a relaxed manner with the monsieur - perfect for a cozy autumn!
  • Fancy a burger? Here are the best homemade basics from your magic pot!
  • SECRET: You should know these clever tricks for pasta from the Monsieur!
  • AUTUMN FAVORITE: Wafer-thin and crispy – tarte flambée 6 times different
  • REAL ASIAN: Nasi Goreng, wok pan and curry - that's how we love Far Eastern flavors