Monsieur Cuisine by ZauberMix 02/2024

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Relax into spring! With easy recipe ideas for your Monsieur Cuisine, your brunch will be an Easter highlight
FEIERABEND-EXPRESS: Ready in 15 minutes - brilliant ideas with gnocchi and Schupfnudeln from the refrigerated shelf - you know how!
NEW EASTER HITS: Conjure up XXL oven hits with cheese sauce, clever brunch treats to prepare in advance and cute Easter pastries
HOMEMADE BAGELS: Bake the originals like they come from New York. Plus: Ingenious hacks for successful yeast dough
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Highlights of the issue

  • CHICKEN NUGGETS FROM THE SHEET: Quickly mixed in the Monsi and put in the oven
  • CITRUS MAGIC: Mix extra fruity lime mousse and lemon tiramisu
  • PASTA: New favorite recipes for after work
  • CHILDREN’S FUN: “Quetschies”, fruit bars and jungle cookies from Monsi
  • WHIPPING CREAM: How it works perfectly in Monsieur Cuisine