Mixing Bowl Dishwashing Brush Set (3-pack)

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3 brushes at a budget price!

Must-have for Thermomix fans

The Thermomix is a true kitchen all-rounder: baking, cooking, simmering, kneading – it can do it all! To ensure that this kitchen miracle stays with you for a long time, the Thermomix always needs to be well looked after. This includes thoroughly cleaning the blender jar after every use - with our blender jar cleaning brush, it's child's play! The colourful brushes (pink, blue, yellow, green, orange) fit in every kitchen, can be used for all Thermomix models.

Only the best for Thermomix

We greatly value the best quality and only use high-quality materials.

The cleaning brush for the Thermomix mixing bowl has a plastic handle and a brush head with sturdy nylon bristles. These are aligned in such a way that they can easily reach every part of the mixing bowl. This prevents stubborn food residues from sticking to the bottom of the mixing bowl.

The nylon bristles are robust, yet gentle and above all: they are easy to clean! To clean the practical washing-up brush, simply put it in the dishwasher. After use, the little kitchen gadget can be hung up to save space and always be within reach thanks to the hole in the handle.

The mixing bowl washing brush is impressive thanks to the following features

  • Dishwasher safe
  • Gentle nylon bristles
  • Sturdy, robust material
  • Non-slip handle for a secure grip
  • Suitable for all Thermomix models
  • Hole at the end of the handle for easy hanging

Total length: 26 cm
Handle diameter: 2.1 cm
Brush head diameter: 7 cm