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When it comes to chopping, the Monsieur Cuisine is the best.
The first-class mixing knife, in combination with the powerful motor, can chop practically anything.
However, when it comes to evenly chopping ingredients in the mixing bowl, the Monsieur Cuisine reaches its limits. 
Particularly with hard foods, coarse pieces remain after mixing that the blade did not catch.
The Miximizer is particularly useful when chopping chocolate, parmesan, powdered sugar, cereals and hard vegetables to achieve an even result.
The Miximizer from Wundermix ensures that the food to be mixed is evenly captured by the blade and does not bounce around on the blades.
  • Enables uniform chopping even of hard mixes and smaller quantities
  • Prevents the formation of dust clouds, e.g. with powdered sugar 
  • Facilitates the slow emulsification of liquids
  • Clean! The mixing bowl lid does not get dirty and is ready for the next use without rinsing
  • Compatible for the Monsieur Cuisine Connect, Trend and Smart
  • Dishwasher safe and BPA-free
  • Sustainable production - Made in Germany
Use as a mixing aid
  1. Place the food to be chopped into the mixing bowl without exceeding the height of the 1 L capacity mark with the food to be mixed.
  2. Insert the Miximizer into the mixing bowl, inserting the bars on the inner wall of the mixing bowl into the fixing aids on the Miximizer.
  3. Close the mixing bowl with the mixing bowl lid with measuring cup and carry out the comminution process.
  4. Remove Miximizer and tap off residues on the mixing bowl wall.
Use as emulsifying aid
  1. Insert Miximizer into the mixing bowl, inserting the bars on the mixing bowl inner wall into the fixation aids on the Miximizer as soon as emulsification is provided for in the recipe.
  2. Close the mixing bowl with the mixing bowl lid without the measuring cup and start Monsieur Cuisine according to the settings specified in the recipe.
  3. Add the liquid to be emulsified via the opening in the mixing bowl lid.
  • The Miximizer does not come into contact with the mixing knife and can therefore be used up to speed 10 without any problems.
  • Chopping particularly hard foods (e.g. hazelnuts, rock candy or almonds) may leave marks on the underside of the Miximizer.