Mix without Fix! - Volume 2

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Caution: This issue is written in german language

From the bestseller among all MixGenuss-books there is now a 2nd volume. You can expect many new dishes such as gratinated pork medallions, camembert schnitzel, courgettes Moussaka or even classics like lasagne, chili con carne or goulash.

With the help of your Thermomix in combination with a pan or an oven, the recipes are ready to serve andinspire the whole family! The recipes are for 2-4 Portions, almost all dishes can be served but easily double it.

Start mixing right away and find your favourite dish!
All recipes are with picture, nutritional information and suitable for the Thermomix TM6/TM5 & TM31.

Recipe booklet with loop stitching
Format: DIN A5
Number of pages: 36